OVLG Attorney Rita Mkrtchyan

Rita Mkrtchyan (Senior Defense Attorney & Director Equity Alliance, OVLG)

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Bar Number: 309269 ( California )
Languages known: English
Cell phone : (818) 809-6112
Email address: rita@ovlg.com
Let us take law back to basics- make it understandable and affordable to the masses. Lawyers should advise clients so conflict do not arise; if conflict arises then resolve, not litigate - preserve, not destroy. And if absolutely necessary, give the best defense to clients in Court.



Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • ,
  • Civil Law
  • ,
  • Consumer Law
  • ,
  • Litigation
  • ,
  • Consumer Bankruptcy

Contact Information

  • Location: 1110 Sonora Ave Ste 102, Glendale, CA 91201-3166
Phone: 800-530-OVLG

Professional Experience

  • Aug 2021-Present
    Director Equity Alliance
    • Litigate, from inception to resolution, high-stakes claims for dissolution, spousal support, child custody, child support, wills and trusts, breach of contract, civil litigation claims, and more.
    • Draft all pleadings and documents necessary for the completion of the litigation.
    • Participate in all discovery conferences, financial mediations, and settlements.
    • Prepare separation and property settlement agreements, lease agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, trusts, titles, and other documents required for legal transactions.
  • May 2016 to January 2018 - 1 year 8 months
    Litigation Associate Attorney
    Law Offices Of Richard M. Foster, CA
    • Actively involved in all aspects of litigation; worked closely with clients in insurance, commercial, construction, health care, and personal injury litigation.
    • Appeared before state court judges for oral argument in several areas, including special exceptions, motions to compel, and summary judgment.
    • Prepared and defended clients at deposition.
    • Drafted pleadings, discovery requests, discovery responses, meet and confer responses, substantive motions, and briefs, covering all areas of motion practice.
    • Prepared and submitted Trademark and Service Mark Applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • January 2018 to January 2020 - 2 Years
    Legal Consultant
    Burbank, CA
    • Actively involved in all aspects of Education Law, including IEP meetings and hearings.
    • Drafted pleadings, discovery requests, discovery responses, meet and confer responses, substantive motions, and briefs, covering all areas of Special Education motion practice.
    • Constructed and negotiated business contracts.


  • Pepperdine University School of Law Malibu - Malibu, CA (December 2015)
    Juris Doctor in Law - Education
  • University of California - Berkeley, CA (December 2011)
    Bachelor of Science in Performance Arts

Articles Contributed

Two years have passed since the pandemic began, and as we are gradually transitioning from pandemic to endemic, it's evident that things will never be the same as they were several years ago.
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Strangles operate by letting investors profit from their guesses about whether a stock’s price will change, no matter what direction it moves. Like other options strategies, strangles give investors the option to produce additional income from their holdings. Executing a strangle involves buying or selling a call option with a strike price above the stock’s current price and a put option with a strike price below the current price. Most options contracts involve 100 shares of the underlying stock...
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Figuring the amount of allowance for children to develop healthy behaviors around their perception of money is a delicate balance. Giving too little won't help your children develop good money habits if you give too little. If you give too much, they will not learn the value of money. Many factors go into fixing an allowance...
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Are you planning to claim Social Security benefits early? If so, consider how the move will affect your spousal benefits. First of all, not all early filers will be able to enjoy those benefits right away — and even for those who can, the move may not result in a larger monthly check. It's also easy to misinterpret your rights as a spouse...
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You begin to think about retirement payouts rather than contributions as you get older. 'What is the optimal age to start receiving Social Security benefits?' is one of the most common inquiries among near-retirees...
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