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Frequently asked questions

1) Who can join our Affiliate System?

Ans: Any person from anywhere in the world can join our affiliate program. However, as of now, we pay only for the debt relief leads (credit card debt leads and unsecured loans) from the US.

2) What is the cost of joining the program

Ans: It is absolutely FREE!!

3) What type of services do OVLG provide to its clients?

Ans: We accept clients looking for debt consolidation and settlement including credit card debts.

4) In which states do OVLG services cover?

Ans: We accept leads from all U.S. states except Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

5) Which sites can be OVLG affiliate partner?

Ans: Any website except adult, gambling, or pharmaceutical related sites can be a part of our pay per lead affiliate programs.

6) I don't have a website. Can I still join your program?

Ans: Yes. You can easily place a text link in your social networking profiles or your email signatures. You can also send us leads through PPC.

7) How can I contact OVLG Affiliate Team?

Ans: Contacting OVLG Affiliate Team is easy. You can do either of the following:

8) Do you have any affiliate referral scheme?

Ans: Yes. We offer referral scheme. We would credit 12.5 percent of the overall amount to your account when your referred partners obtain any money from us. For example, your referred partner Mr.A gets $10000 from us in a month. We will credit $1250 in your account as Affiliate Referral Commission when processing this payment request.

9) How do I send visitors to your site?

Ans: You can send your visitors by putting up any of our promotional tools like banner, link or signup form on your website or blog. We suggest you to learn how to use promotional tools?

10) How can I track my visitors?

Ans: You need to login to your affiliate account and click on the "Reports" tab on the top. This report will show you the number of visitors you sent to Oak View Law Group. You can choose various predefined periods from there.

11) How do I check my earnings?

Ans: Please follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Login to your "Affiliate Cpanel"
  2. click on "payment details"
  3. Request for payment

You can claim as soon as your payment exceeds USD $100.

12) Which contacts are qualified for payment?

Ans: We try to establish contact with the visitors coming through the affiliate. Any contact who could be connected within 7 attempts via phone calls and willing to settle unsecured debt within our service area will be considered as a successful lead and be paid for.The person doesn't necessarily need to sign the contract.

13) What is the amount of commission you pay?

We believe in offering fair commissions to our top-performing affiliates. We offer competitive rates in the industry based on the debt settlement services you assist clients with. The top performers usually earn anywhere from 20% commission to 25% commission.

If you too want to earn commission by helping consumers get back on the right financial footing, join our affiliate program.

The sign-up process is quite simple. You can apply online or give us a call. We will share the marketing resources, give the required training and the partner portal access with you shortly.

Lead Qualifying Factors

We only accept genuine leads with proper contact details - A valid phone number, email address, and an earnest wish to get out of unsecured debts like credit cards and personal loans.

We don’t accept leads from Wisconsin, Colorado, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Vermont,

Spam leads are completely unacceptable.

14) What is the mode of payment?

Ans: We can forward the payments through Check, E-Check or Direct Deposit, as per your preference. Checks can be sent to the US addresses only (as of now).

15) How will I get paid through your affiliate system?

Ans: Click on "Request Payment" in the "Affiliate C-Panel", to notify us regarding your request. We will process your payment as soon as we receive the payment request.

16) Which debt leads are disqualified for payment?

Ans: Leads which have no phone number and email id. Leads looking for loans, credit repair etc. rather than debt settlement. Leads which have only secure debts where collateral is attached. As our process is online the lead should have computer, laptop etc. or any other similar mode of online communication.

17) Can I request for payments out side US?

Ans: Yes, you can only request wire transfer outside US only after approval from our accounts team. Charges if applicable for transfering outside US have to be paid by the partner.

18) Why my account is showing "suspended"?

Ans: An account which is in inactive mode/haven't send lead for more than one month without any information will get suspended due to security reasons. A reactivation request have to be sent at: for making the account active again.

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