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Students, families and seniors – they're in constant need of financial tips. Our weekly financial tips offer smart money managing tactics for people at different stages of their life. Whether, you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, these tips will always help you stay on top of your finances. Just check out what is in hold for you and shine in your financial life.

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No more double benefits: Claim Social Security only once

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Did you turn 62 in 2016? If so, then there's a bad news for you. From 2016 onwards, you can claim Social Security payments either for your spouse or for yourself. Earlier, you could collect spousal payments first and later for yourself based on your own work. The biggest advantage of doing this thing is that you could receive higher payment since it is being claimed at an older age.

As per the new law, you can claim double Social Security payments at the age of 66.

Updated on: 20 Feb 2017

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