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Top 5 money boo-boos that make millennials look silly
Updated on: 25th Apr, 2017

Bill Gates once said, “It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” As millennials belong to the age group of 18-32 years, they achieve one milestone after another in their lives. They celebrate adulthood with a fresh sense of independence derived out ...

Is It Too Tough To Live Frugally When You Are In Credit Card Debt?
Updated on: 21st Apr, 2017

“Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt.” - Benjamin Franklin Being in debt is not at all sexy. Maxed out credit cards, high interest rates, debt collection calls and poor credit score wipe out the bright smile from your face. And with time, it becomes extremely tough to get a...

Where to look for $1,000 to pay unexpected medical bills
Updated on: 21st Apr, 2017

Medical emergencies can pop up anytime. What will you do if you face a sudden medical emergency? How will you pay the medical bills if it’s more than what you expected? You would suggest using your emergency fund in case of a medical emergency. But, what will you do if you don’t have an e...

8 Powerful strategies to spare cash for an emergency fund
Updated on: 11th Apr, 2017

“If the only way you can build an emergency fund is to pay the minimum due on your credit card, that is what you need to do” - Suze Orman An emergency fund gives you immediate cash to cover your unexpected expenses. Without one, you...

Easter - 6 Ways to make money instead of munching candies
Updated on: 6th Apr, 2017

If you check the Easter spending statistics, then you’ll see that people spend around $14.6 billion on Easter related goods. If you consider only candies, then it’s around $2.1 billion. The average amount spent on Easter clothes, candy and supplies is $356.47. On an average, a person spends $28....

Self-employed? All you need to know about filing taxes
Updated on: 30th Mar, 2017

Being self-employed has its own pros and cons. Though you have the privilege to be your own boss you have to take on some extra responsibilities on your shoulders, especially in the matter of taxes. Check out below to know more about self-employed individual tax: Who is a self-employed individual?...

Living Frugal? Is there any place for impulse purchase?
Updated on: 28th Feb, 2017

Many of us want to live a frugal life so that we can get more money to pay off our debts. It’s good if we’re making an effort to become debt free by being pennywise. But, if you’re making impulse expenses while still on a frugal diet, you must stop this habit immediately. It’ll further dama...

9 Ways to make your family financially and emotionally content in debt
Updated on: 23rd Feb, 2017

If numbers of debts pile up, then it's likely you're in super financial stress and anxiety. Your family will also be in stress because they continuously see your stressed face and agitated attitude. Long functioning financial stress leads to depression, hypertension, or arguments between you and you...

How can you build financial security for your family?
Updated on: 2nd Feb, 2017

Are you financially prepared for the emergencies? How can you keep your family financially safe for the unexpected distress like job loss or a family emergency? It is always tough to get your financial security in order but not impossible. Taking the proper steps can make the job easier and achie...

What to do if your co-tenant has left without paying his portion of rent
Updated on: 24th Jan, 2017

Scenario 1: After living 1 year peacefully, Stan Barker thought Gary (his roommate) is a financially responsible person. Time passed by, Stan cleared the payment and left the apartment as the lease had ended. After some time, he got a call from the landlord, who told, his roommate moved out without...

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