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Millennials - Confident to attain American dream but are directionless
Updated on: 22nd Aug, 2017

Millennials have financial goals but they don’t have any plan to attain them. 85% of the millennials are sure they will achieve their American Dream but only 49% of them have a plan to fulfill it. Before I dig deep into the subject, let us first talk about the big American Dream. What is the ul...

Debt-to-income and debt-to-credit ratio: Fundamentals with tips
Updated on: 27th Jul, 2017

These are very confusing yet crucial terms to be understood - debt-to-income ratio and debt-to-credit ratio. Before we head on to explain these terms, it is highly advised to have a clear concept on the topics. Then we will differentiate between these two subjects and try to give you suggestions on ...

4 Money moves you should make when your kids move out
Updated on: 25th Jul, 2017

This post is again dedicated to all the parents. Oh please, don’t think that I have become a parent, and I’m overwhelmed with paternal feelings. It’s just that when I was writing about Is it high time we teach personal finance to preschoolers? , a question popped into my mind about the predica...

Parent’s Day: Is it high time to teach personal finance to preschoolers?
Updated on: 18th Jul, 2017

This post is for both the newbie and would be parents. If you ask me, every day is a parent’s day. Parents have no holidays. They work 24*7 only to help their children get the best life. Besides, being a parent is a big responsibility. It is his/her responsibility to bring an overall developmen...

When is it OK to pull out cash from your emergency fund?
Updated on: 11th Jul, 2017

You may have heard that having an emergency fund is significant to avoid money crisis when you need it most. Yes, it is true that the importance of an emergency fund is definitely quite significant. If you have an emergency fund, you can meet expenses that you had not planned for. Thus you can avoid...

3 Small tricks to be patient for attaining financial freedom
Updated on: 6th Jul, 2017

Are you a patient person by nature? I’m asking this because I don’t have a patient bone in my body. You can criticize me as much as you want. But this is how I am. When I finished my college, I wanted to get a job as quickly as possible. When I apply for a credit card, I want to get one the v...

6 Secrets to keep working happily at the 60s and beyond
Updated on: 15th Jun, 2017

As per the study by University of Michigan researchers, "About 40% of Americans, who were still working when they turned 62, had moved to a new occupation sometime after age 55." The same research disclosed even an unfortunate fact, i.e. "The older workers experience a decrease in hourly earnings...

When you can retire with debt without frowning
Updated on: 23rd May, 2017

Common sense suggests that you should avoid retiring with debt. But, Americans are seemingly ignoring this wisdom, according to the recent report released by the Michigan Retirement Research Center. Baby boomers are more likely to retire with debt than in the past. Statistics reveal that 70% baby...

3 Incredible tips to generate tax-free income in retirement
Updated on: 2nd May, 2017

NO one likes paying taxes - the ones earning in billions hate it the most. For retirees, taxes quite seem like nightmare. Since you’re looking for ways to generate some tax-free income during retirement, here are three ways to get started. 1) Open a Roth IRA While Roth IRA has a number of be...

Top 5 money boo-boos that make millennials look silly
Updated on: 25th Apr, 2017

Bill Gates once said, “It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” As millennials belong to the age group of 18-32 years, they achieve one milestone after another in their lives. They celebrate adulthood with a fresh sense of independence derived out ...

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