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6 Tricks to reduce financial anxiety and stress
Updated on: 14th Nov, 2017

Does the topic of money make you nervous? Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about money? Are you worried how to pay off your bills? Do you get a panic attack thinking how to get out of debt? If so, then you’re probably affected by financial stress.Money often causes stress and anx...

6 Reasons you should keep multiple savings accounts
Updated on: 7th Nov, 2017

Having a checking account and a savings account is not enough. One single account just keeps lump sum cash without any purpose. Most of us think that keeping one savings account is enough to cover the emergency expenses. However, keeping multiple savings account is important to track how much you...

6 Practical tips to overcome your biggest financial regrets
Updated on: 31st Oct, 2017

Well, we all have financial regrets. Some accept them in front of everyone whereas others curse themselves silently. It’s a horrible feeling. Do you criticise yourself over your past financial mistakes? Do you regret your past financial decisions? Do you often ask yourself - “What if I didn’t ...

Halloween: 10 Tricks to make money instead of spending it
Updated on: 24th Oct, 2017

The festive season begins with Halloween. But many people flinch at the word ‘halloween’ since they fear what’s coming - long bills.This year, try something different. Instead of incurring huge credit card debts on Halloween, try to bring fresh cash inside the house. Just use these 10 tricks. ...

Halloween: 5 Money lessons to make kids financially smart
Updated on: 17th Oct, 2017

“Every piece of Halloween is kind of a cool lesson in financial behavior” Candies, spooky decorations, horrifying costumes, trick or treats - these 4 words are enough for the kids to wait eagerly for Halloween. While kids may relate Halloween to festive decorations and pranks, it’s the mora...

Go ahead! Treat yourself in 14 ways without spending a dime
Updated on: 12th Oct, 2017

You deserve a treat. Period. You have worked hard throughout the year. January: Made financial resolutions and paid off your holiday debts. February: Saved money for the Valentine’s Day. March: Cleaned your financial house in spring. April: Paid off your tax finally. May...

Being frugal by choice: Why should you follow it?
Updated on: 10th Oct, 2017

Choosing a frugal life is not mandatory; it is your choice whether or not you want to live your life in a frugal way. People often confuse frugality with being cheap. They think that following a frugal life force them to live a poor life. However, the concept is not true. There are some d...

5 Common money management mistakes millennials should stop making
Updated on: 21st Sep, 2017

Money management is a Herculean task to me even after reading 100 articles on money saving tips in the last 5 years. No matter how hard I work, how much money I make, it isn’t enough to fulfill my basic needs. It’s quite possible that I’m making money mistakes without even realizing it. Someti...

What should be your financial goal this fall?
Updated on: 19th Sep, 2017

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour” - Victoria Erickson Do you remember your financial goals in 2017? You set them way back in January. With the festive season approaching, fall is the best time to review your financial goals and check your progress....

4 Things people with big bank accounts never do
Updated on: 7th Sep, 2017

What is the secret of becoming a wealthy person? Can you be a rich guy by making a lot of money? Not necessarily. I have met 3 types of people in my life. The first type The first type of people makes a lot of money but they spend all of it. The second type The second type of peop...

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