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7 Ways you can pay off student loan debts tactfully
Updated on: 16th Jun, 2015

Student loans are good, but you need to be also aware that too much student loan debt can cost you painfully in near future. A student, who completed his graduation in 2009, having approx $30.000 student loan debt stated that, “ I wanted to get rid myself of the burden quickly. That anxiety gave m...

7 FAQs about tax benefits for cash gifts to charitable organizations
Updated on: 13th May, 2015

1. What is the meaning of tax-deductible?If a taxpayer donate cash or property to a “qualified organization”, then his/her donation will be deducted by filing the form 1040.2. Is Cash gift to a charitable organization can make tax deduction?If you give any cash gift to a charitable society, it m...

Crucial financial lessons for women in 30s to have a strong nest egg
Updated on: 6th May, 2015

For many, life in the 30s is the best they could ask for. It is such a decade where people took risks unabashed, achieve exemplary feats and rose like a phoenix from the ashes of failure and a couple of life changing tragedies. And yet, they have seen and done it all and not without any reason, as t...

How and where a single mother can get free grant money
Updated on: 5th May, 2015

In today’s economy it has become really tough to handle a family. It become more difficult when a single mother have no other second source of income. However, free grant money is always there for your help. But many single mothers are not aware that they can take the help of free money and can ma...

Retirement income: 7 popular sources you can earn your bread
Updated on: 21st Apr, 2015

You may have a good job and you’re happy with your good salary. But, have you ever think about your post retirement income? What will be your other options if that income stops? Yes, you need to think about your retirement income beforehand. You must think about the possible ways you’re going to...

5 Secrets to save money by practicing good habits
Updated on: 25th Mar, 2015

It must be difficult for you to choose between a sport kit for your son or monthly payment for your home. Well, everyone will suggest you to make the payment first then give your child what he/she want. But, there is a concept of extra money which are very useful to fulfill your other needs like thi...

3 Ways you are ruining your retirement
Updated on: 4th Mar, 2015

Most of the time it’s our own shortcomings and whimsical nature that impact our retirement savings than any other economic or political event. However, we go on cursing the stock market collapse, increased joblessness, decrease in the GDP and anything dour we come across. National tax firm Deloit...

How to help your jobless uncle tactfully who always begs for money
Updated on: 24th Feb, 2015

The unemployment statistics for the first month of January 2015 is out. Here’s a sneekpeak at the unemployment rate in the country. The current unemployment rate is 5.7%. Unemployment rate for men - 5.3% Unemployment rate for women - 5.1% Unemployment rate for Whites - 4.9% Unemployment ra...

The money mystery: A secret game-plan to multiply your dollars
Updated on: 3rd Feb, 2015

For a life led with head held high is nothing less of winning an Olympic marathon race. Just look around you and you’d see how many of your loved ones have fallen mid-way through their life’s journey. One of the most intriguing part of our lives is - money. We have so many goals and desires to ...

4 Steps to make your early retirement a truth - The perfect game plan
Updated on: 13th Jan, 2015

A survey in 2014 revealed that 50 percent of retirees are compelled to retire early due to their pressing health needs. The Employee Benefit Research Institute conducted a survey in 2014 and found that: Thirty three percent of US employees want to retire when they’re 66 years old Only s...

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