What are the Social Security changes for 2020? Let’s dig in
Updated on: 12th Dec, 2019

More than 22 million people receive Social Security benefits every year and the federal government pays almost Rs 64 million for this. Social Security benefits are of great help for the retired and disabled people. For many families in the USA. Social Security is the only source of income. As such a...

Should you be hiring cosigners online?
Updated on: 2nd Dec, 2019

You definitely need a cosigner if you are getting rejected for any new loan or credit line.A cosigner helps you to achieve a better chance of credit approval, by giving a guarantee to the lender or creditor, that the debt borrowed will be surely paid off.This promise or guarantee is a big factor for...

How to be financially prepared to tackle the next recession
Updated on: 1st Nov, 2019

The federal government’s tariffs and the ongoing trade war with China are already creating ripples in the US economy and stock market. And, if the predictions of financial experts come true, then we will face another economic recession in the next 12-18 months.In the last recession (which happened...

The government shutdown: Time to learn these 5 money lessons
Updated on: 11th Feb, 2019

The federal government shutdown became the talk of the town in the last few weeks. It not only created emotional stress and financial chaos but also highlighted underlining financial problems in the country. Despite a low unemployment rate and robust economy, Americans are still living paycheck to p...

8 Ways you can blow your money and feel good
Updated on: 1st Jan, 2019

Many people dream to be the richest person in their life. They want to fulfill their wishes to become the happiest person. Just imagine you get a lot of money. What would you do with it? How would more money change your life? I am asking you these questions because buying happiness with a l...

What to do when your kids want your money for big expenses!
Updated on: 20th Dec, 2018

You can see from your own life, that how struggling it was to build sufficient wealth, and how hard it was to become financially independent. It’s definitely not easy to let go of your finances just like that! Time is valuable! All the money you accumulated in your lifetime, is actually...

What should you stop buying when you want to be debt free?
Updated on: 27th Sep, 2018

So you want to get rid of debts? Not sure how to make extra payments since you don’t have enough money in your checking account? Dude if you really want to get rid of debt, you have to change your lifestyle to squeeze extra money from your budget. I’m not asking you to take up a part...

9 Exclusive tips to save money this fall
Updated on: 11th Sep, 2018

“Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling.” After the crazy summer vacations and expensive back-to-school shopping, most people enter the fall season with long credit card bills and a deep frown on their foreheads. Before the peak holiday season arrives in winter, fall is the right time to cut d...

Financial bully in the relationship: Signs and ways to deal with it
Updated on: 1st Aug, 2018

The Harris Interactive and Credit Karma conducted a survey among 1,036 adults in America regarding financial bully. As per the report, 1 in 10 adults, who are in a committed relationship, have financially bully partner. The report also revealed that financial bully is more prevalent in young ...

Back-to-school shoppers are all set to spend $82.8 billion
Updated on: 23rd Jul, 2018

The second biggest shopping season of the year has arrived. According to Forbes, back-to-school shoppers will spend $75.8 billion this year. But as per the new survey of the National Retail Foundation, shoppers are expected to spend $82.8 billion in 2018. This figure is almost as high as the previou...

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