Late winter and early spring are the time when every American starts his/her tax-related tasks. With the popularity of iPhone, smartphone, android, tablet, and many more, everyone starts preferring online activities instead of paperwork. Scammers have never let this golden opportunity to go. This is the prime time when scammers are very active to steal your personal information and identity. However, keeping the risk factor in mind, the IRS has already announced some useful tips to keep the scam at bay. The IRS wants every person to do secure online activities to avoid scammers. The IRS had already given much useful information regarding this subject to make each and every person aware. The IRS want every person to understand the danger and the outcome of identity theft.

My article is trying to throw light on the tips that are straight from The IRS. Take a look:

Browse websites that use encryption

The IRS warned that you shouldn’t disclose your personal information on an unauthorized website. According to the IRS guidelines, if you do online shopping or banking, then you must check the authentication of the sites before browsing. To ensure whether the website is secure or not, check “https” at the beginning of the URL. Avoid websites that use “https” only on the sign-in page. Because, using encryption only on the sign-in page is not enough as it’s not able to secure the information fully.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

These days, public Wi-Fi is available everywhere, but be cautious, using it randomly can create a major problem. Your tax or personal information can be accessed by anyone while using the public network. Make sure the public Wi-Fi asks for the password. Otherwise, it’s better to avoid the service completely.

Research, research, and research

Don’t get affected by the ads and email pop-ups in your inbox. If you find a great offer, then you must check the authenticity of the company first. Always research on a search engine to find whether or not the company is legitimate. You can get reviews on the Internet as well. So, read the reviews and judge each and every attractive offer that come to you before grabbing them.

Update your security software

Keeping security software in the computer is not enough. You have to update the software from time-to-time. You can set the security software update automatically as well. Thus, your computer will be free from any danger.

Create password carefully

You are already aware of the fact that problem can arise when you share your password. So, never share a password with anyone. It doesn’t matter how much close the person is to you. Another point that is also important to know is creating a strong password. Yes! The IRS has told that you must create a longer and stronger password to protect your personal information while online. How can you make your password stronger and longer? Using 10 to 12 words, including numbers, special characters and mix letters can be a good option. Thus, nobody can crack your passwords. You must not use the same password for all your accounts. Don't use your name, birth date as your passwords because these are too predictable. Try to keep the password in your mind instead of keeping it in your wallet, or phone.

Always keep backup of your important documents, or files

You should keep the backup of all your files in a removable disc for better security. Moreover, your federal and state tax-related documents are important. Make sure you have all the files safely within your reach.

Practice safe online activities

You must be aware of safe online activities. Otherwise, you can be a victim of scams. It is advisable that internet users must avoid phishing attempts such as replying to every email, or text that contains links. Expert suggests that you shouldn’t reply any message or text that is asking your personal information. Never click on the link, they're providing. This is a scam that tries to steal your personal information.

Final thoughts

With a little awareness and watchfulness, you can protect your tax account as well as personal information. To become aware of every recent thing, you need to make yourself updated. So, read, research on to make yourself knowledgeable and updated.

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