Maintaining a good credit report is very important if you want to retain your ability to get more loans in the future. If you can manage to pay your credit card accounts timely it can improve your credit report. Normally 30 percent of your FICO credit score are based on the payments you make. If you default on your payments it adds negative markings on your credit report.

You need to have a clear report from the major credit bureaus like the TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. If the reports produced by them mention the existence of any late payments it will hamper your chances of getting any future loans.

If you want to remove them you have to order for free annual credit reports from these bureaus so you can keep a regular check. Here are a few tips that you can consider if you want to remove late payments from your credit card:

  • Collect your credit reports from the three credit bureaus. Review your credit reports to know if there are any late markings in your report. The three firms have independent existence and their details may not match. So if you want to find similar information in all the three it is likely that you may not find it. The credit reports may or may not mention the information about late payments. If there are credit card mistakes or late payments on your report get it removed immediately.
  • If there are any records for money order receipts, electronic payment confirmations, canceled checks, or billing statements which are proof of your timely payment, retain it. Take a print out of the information if possible and keep it as evidence for future reference. Also remember that the original copy should be with you. If you are required to submit any details send a photocopy not the original.
  • If you find any credit card mistakes in your credit report mention it to the bureau. Send separate letters to the bureaus specifying the mistakes that you could locate in your report. You can also request them to recheck it in case you have missed out any important details. But make sure that whenever you mention an error, give appropriate evidence of the same to prove your point.
  • According to the FTC, you should also maintain certain basic precautions. When sending a letters send it through a method where you can get certain written proofs like dated delivery receipt. For resolving your dispute the credit bureaus take a time of 30 days. If they make any rectification in your report they need to notify you according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. After the mistakes are removed the bureau is supposed to provide you with a renewed report.
  • If there are any items which are still not looked into or missed out by the credit card issuers’ mention them too. If the credit bureau provides information which you do not agree to, ask help from the bank to verify it. If the errors are created by the creditors, ask them to stop reporting such data. With all such precautions you can easily avoid any credit card errors in your credit report.

An error free credit report will enable you to get credits in the future whenever required. Thus it is of primary importance that you avoid any late payments, mistakes or penalties on your credit card.

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