Oak View Law Group (OVLG) has integrated Drupal architecture to make the website user-friendly and secured. The new architecture has a powerful data management system and hopefully this will benefit clients, attorneys and other users all alike.

New architecture for better security and features

Being a law firm, OVLG understands the importance of having a secured website. Security is a major concern since clients share their confidential details with our experienced financial coaches and attorneys. So, OVLG always strives to integrate strong security features in the website.

The best part of Drupal architecture is that it makes a website more safe and secured. The new architecture will make it very difficult to hack the website. Hackers won’t be able access the account details of our clients anymore. Therefore, our existing and new clients can share their financial details to solve various kinds of problems without any fear.

Another interesting feature of the Drupal architecture is that the security of the website can be upgraded from time to time. This will make it even more difficult to hack the website in future.

OVLG is now administered through a centralized management system. Strong database structure and centralized management system will make it easy to integrate new features in the website. This will help us to offer better services to our clients in the long run.

Drupal architecture has countless attractive features. Apart from better security features and strong database structure, it also offers better content management system for users. This means content can be uploaded. edited and deleted easily.

Spams are venomous enemies of a website. Drupal architecture strives to kill those enemies by introducing image captcha in the OVLG Answers section. So, there will be less spams and more legal questions in the Answers section.

Why OVLG has adopted Drupal architecture and discarded WordPress

Almost 50% of the website has migrated to Drupal as it offers a wide array of features and a richer admin experience than WordPress. Read below to understand the differences.


WordPress: This architecture is vulnerable to hackers. They can access plugin and remove thousands of websites. Usually, most security problems occur at the server level.

Drupal: It offers enterprise level security and perhaps this is why various government websites have embraced Drupal architecture. The most notable example is whitehouse.gov.

Responsive architecture

Drupal: Users can access OVLG from their computers and cell phones. This means there are 2 versions of OVLG - (i) For desktop (ii) For mobile. This calls for responsive design and development, which can be better managed through Drupal architecture.

In a responsive design, images don't scale properly to every break point. Drupal architecture allows you to set image sizes with the Image Style module. You can do this through admin only. It may take a little bit of time, but at least you can complete the work inside of the admin. You won't require php files.

WordPress:Here image sizes for every break point is available in the functions.php file.

Mobile theme

WordPress: You can get mobile starter themes in this architecture. You may also use a native mobile application.

Drupal:This architecture offers extra content fields for every page that will appear in mobile devices. Besides, they're better run off a sub domain.

Future proofing

WordPress: Both the code and the database need upgrade. The new or upgraded version is available in every 3-4 months.

Drupal: The code is not upgradable. However you can upgrade the database.

Last but not the least, WordPress is good for small blogs and small websites. On the other hand, Drupal architecture is suitable for a big website like OVLG. It offers better admin experience for content editors. Besides, it has some strong features to handle complicated projects.

Clients always come first for OVLG. So, we are determined to take all the steps to make our clients happy and satisfied. Drupal architecture is new. As such, there might be a few problems in the first few days. We'll solve them soon so that our clients can use our services and enter into the debt free life quickly.

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