OVLG starts new services

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) recently launched two new services aiming consumers, who are trying to regain their financial foothold. With more than 6 years of industry experience, OVLG is proud to announce the new Credit Repair service and Stay Violation Protection, as it continues to help people with their credit and debt problems.

Starting from October, these two services will be available to consumers in the United States, and will hopefully be of further assistance to people who're undergoing difficult financial situations.

Credit Repair will involve a ongoing process to remove bad credit from credit reports of individuals who'll be signing up for the service. Moreover, the team of experts associated with OVLG will try to raise the credit score of the clients gradually. This will help the consumers, since they wouldn't need to lose or let go of new financial opportunities, due to poor credit or financial mistakes of the past.

Stay Violation Protection, on the other hand, will deal with clients who have filed their bankruptcy and are awaiting their discharge or re-organization of debts. Services will involve enforcement of the automatic stay protection guaranteed by the federal laws. The process will also include legal assistance, as it'll address creditors and collection agencies, when they violate the order of protection backed by the Bankruptcy Code, and resolve subsequent issues.

The services are expected to have positive results, since consumers have been found to struggle with poor credit time and again, even after resolving all their debts. Services involving automatic stay enforcement is expected to prevent unscrupulous creditors and collection harassment, as a consumer files for his ultimate debt relief solution, i.e. bankruptcy.

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