Have you got married recently? If yes, then managing joint finances properly should be high on your agenda. Here are some tips for newlywed couples:

  1. Do away with unnecessary accounts: If you have several bank accounts then check if you need all of them. You should understand that having checking and savings accounts at too many banks does not make sense if you are not using them regularly.

  2. Saving money after marriage: You might have lived a footloose life before marriage, but now it’s time to get organized. So better start working on a budget and try to find out how you can save money. Focus on rainy day funds, debt payments, medical expenses, retirement funds and house payments.

    Remember that every family has its own unique requirements. So the above ideas are rather indicative than exhaustive. You should make your own list according to your priorities, but also consider the above mentioned ideas.

  3. Happy with current job? The job that suited you perfectly when you were a bachelor might not look so attractive post marriage. Your expenses will inevitably increase. So ask for a raise or look for greener pastures. You might also consider part time jobs. Web based freelance jobs offer pretty good compensations but are not very demanding in terms of time.

  4. Watch out for extra fees charged by the banks: In the post recession period some banks have started charging extra fees for certain services. Here are some examples:

    Many banks charge fees if a consumer uses an ATM which is out of his network. They might apparently seem insignificant, but eventually they will add up and weigh on your wallet. So look for a bank that does not charge ATM fees.

    It might sound surprising, but some banks will charge you for paying bills online. If your bank has this annoying feature, then immediately switch to another bank because most financial institutions reward you or at least they do not charge you for online transactions.

    All banks require you to have a minimum balance in your account. Otherwise you face penalties. But penalty charges vary from bank to bank. So choose your pick carefully.

    Marriage demands fiscal responsibility from the couples. So remember the above tips and manage your finances carefully.

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