Military divorce : What steps you need to take to avoid hassles

The life of the military personnel is often unpredictable as they are not aware what lies in there tomorrow. The fact that a large number of military marriages are not successful and end up in divorce is because of their erratic work schedule. The filing procedure is different for the civilians and people in the military. There are a few additional difficulties that the people in the military face. There are certain special law bestowed on the military couples like unique rules, privileges and regulations. If you are in a similar situation then you need to organize first and should follow some basic step to avoid hassles.

Keep all important documents

You are required to be tactful and more organized if you are in a military marriage and have recently filed a divorce petition. Try to maintain a document of your important financial details like your assets, liabilities and income. You are required to incorporate Leave and Earnings Statements like your basic pay, basic housing allowances etc. in your financial record. You are also required to include few other details like your monthly expenses and information regarding your family separation, hazardous duty as well as hardship duty.

Review your credit history

Don't forget to review the credit report to know if your ex-spouse have debt. In case you find any error, ask the credit reporting agencies to make the corrections. Try to keep track of your ex-spouse's debt and his/her credit report. On the other hand if you have good credit history, it will help you borrow money as per need.

Keep all documents of your liabilities

Make sure that you jointly include your debts when you prepare a list of your liabilities before filing for a divorce petition. The debts your spouse has incurred when you have been away on your duty. And it needs to be presented jointly while declaring your liabilities. You can hire a divorce attorney, who can guide you through the entire process. The debts that you have incurred prior to your marriage have to be included in a separate list.

Find out an efficient attorney

Look for attorney who specializes in military divorces so that he can offer you appropriate solution that will be beneficial for your current situation. Therefore, when you are filing military divorce you need to be more cautious as the filing procedure is different from that of the civilians.

Lastly, both of you are eligible to get free legal help. If you need legal help then ask military base for legal help. Generally local military affairs office will give advise a military on their rights under all applicable laws.

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