Well, sound crazy. Isn’t it? We know that in reality debt collectors turn debtors crazy by numerous collection attempts. However, you can do the same with debt collectors. The best thing to start with when a debt collector is attempting to collect from you is to remain calm. Even if the debt collector is offensive and uses abusive language, staying cool is the best method to treat a debt collector. So how to proceed in an attempt to turn debt collectors crazy? The steps are below:

1) Be Aware of Your Rights: The federal government and the states have several separate laws in order to prevent debt collectors from harassing consumers. Do you know your rights to defend yourself against any malpractice? To know about your rights, and further what the collection agencies cannot do, know the fdcpa laws.

2) Validate the Debt: If a debt collector reaches you to collect a debt, first validate the debt. Make sure whether the debt is your or not. Ask for a validation of the debt from the collection agent. If they provide you with a document describing the owed amount, double check the details before you proceed.

3) Verify the debt: Verification of debt is somewhat similar to validation of debt. Verify if the collection agency really holds the right to collect debt from you. Further, clarify whether the collection agency is imposing someone’ debt on you or not.

4) Consult your Attorney: Debt collectors always hate a lawyer. They would probably get irritated if your lawyer comes between them and you. If your attorney comes in between you and them, they would certainly fail to get the extra money, which they would otherwise have collected from you rather than your debt.

5) Sue the Collector: If the debt collector violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) while collecting debt from you, you can sue them and take them to the court. If the court finds the collector guilty, it may charge $1000 per accusation and may further have to pay your attorney and court fees.

6) Pay off the Debt: You are perhaps thinking how paying off debt could make a debt collector crazy. In fact, it will make them happy. Let me tell you yes. It will. However, if you are certain about the validity of the debt and pay it off, the debt collector will lose the opportunity to add more interest, late fees and penalties to your account. Thus, they will lose the potential debt trap to acquire more money. So try to take every necessary measure possible in order to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

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