Debt may freak you out. It can steal your financial security and make you feel abandoned and lonely. The sheer guilt and self-pity may force you to stay away from your family and friends, popularly known as social withdrawal - the precursor to loneliness. Amidst these terrible thoughts, you try to figure out ways to get rid of your overwhelming debts.

Why do you feel lonely after getting into debt?

Besides being overwhelmed and financially strained, you could start feeling lonely while juggling to pay off your debts all at the same time.

Adding insult to injury is the shame of having to fight off financial challenges. So, you’ll always look for ways to belittle yourself for your dismal financial condition, irrespective of the factors that brought you to this condition in the first place. This may affect your mental and emotional health, thereby making it tougher for you to confide your problems to a third party. Hence, if you want to straighten up your finances, then you’ll have to reconnect with the right people who may provide you with the most suitable helping hand. But for that to happen, you’ll have to give yourself a break.

Lessons you learn when in debt

You would learn a lot of precious lessons through your challenges. Once you’ve overcome them, you’ll be a better person as far as your financial health is concerned. Moreover, you’d have a deeper knowledge of money management principles. Besides, you’ll have a reservoir of know-how about how to shape up one’s life for good.

Debt woes to share and lessen your mental baggage

The moment you are aware of your financial condition, you begin to take stock of the situation and start discussing ways to win over your monetary hurdles with the outside world.

Mostly, monetary discussions highlight the difference between what you have and what you don’t. Through such discussions, your feelings of insecurity come to the fore since you don’t know how to manage your finances.

Ironically, these concerns don’t only bother a handful of people like you but many. And you’d be surprised to know how similar your situation is to that of others. Opening up about your financial condition will enable you to forge a friendly bond with people suffering from debt problems same as yours. 

So, if you have isolated yourself due to your debt, then you may choose some of your close confidantes from a pool of family members and friends to have a no-holds-barred conversation regarding your financial obligations. Remember, you can always stop the conversation anytime if it seems to be unhelpful and unsupportive. However, it’s always better to give it a try. 

Work with a supportive community 

Initially, it is fine to be hesitant to reveal the true size of your debt. Additionally, to sit for a conversation regarding the same will need some hard work from your end. However, there are options to break the ice and share your feelings about your present debt scenario.

There are many online personal finance communities where people share their own journey to and out of debt. With simple engaging acts like reading their blogs or commenting on their posts can lead you to a new world of opportunities.

OVLG at your rescue

At this juncture, you can rely on one of the most personalized debt relief options structured by Oak View Law Group’s financial coach team.

Your strategy to fight your debt challenges will not only bring in positive results mentally but financially as well.

You can ask for assistance from others to hold you accountable for your spending habits and thus, keep yourself focussed in driving out both debt as well as loneliness out of your life.

It is difficult to annoy your own self, but when you have supportive people surrounding you and enquiring about your financial condition, then you’re sure to work towards not repeating the mistakes again.

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