Has Starbucks coffee been your biggest spending vice? It’s not at all surprising! Even a die-hard frugal lover can’t let his/her favorite lattes go. However, according to the personal finance experts, spending $4-5 on a Starbuck drink is ruinous for a person who is on a strict budget. They say, “The basic understanding is that if you spend that much every day or even a few times a week, it adds up. Spend $5 for 120 days (1/3 a year) and you’re looking at a staggering bill of $608.”

12 Ways to save money on Starbucks drink

If you are a frequent buyer of Starbucks coffee, then you probably know how pricey each cup is. Brewing your own coffee would be the worst option for a S-bucks lover, but this is the best way to save money on that overpriced coffee.

Here are some other ways to save money on your Starbucks visit:

1. Check the menu thoroughly

Don’t order the same item every time you visit at Starbucks. You’re certainly unaware of many options, which are reasonable than your regular expensive drink. So, try to check the menu thoroughly to get their decent selection under $4. Don’t think lesser price means you’re getting boring drinks. Try to check their “mystery menu" to get a cheaper alternative.

2. Get registered for a Starbucks card

Try not to pay the Starbucks with cash or credit card. Because, using a Starbucks card can save up to $1.20 on every drink. And you can get free flavor shots (vanilla, hazelnut), modifiers (milk), too. Thus, you can save 60 cents on every drink. So, go online to get free registration for a Starbucks card.

3. Ask for light ice

There is no need to overload the drink you ordered with ice. Remember, more ice means less coffee or tea (80% ice and 20% liquid). That means you’re paying money for ice, not for the drink. Next time don't forget to ask for less ice to get your hard earned money's worth of your drink.

4. Don’t visit Starbucks with empty stomach

Eat before you visit the Starbucks to save extra money on a cookie, a bagel or any other food. Just pick your drink and don’t splurge on other foods.

5. Share the cost

One of the easiest ways to save money at Starbucks is sharing the price and the coffee with a friend. You can get an extra cup (free of cost) to divvy up the drink between the two cups. Splitting the cost will save up to $1.

6. Visit the local grocery store to buy Starbucks’ coffee

Buy ground or full bean bags of coffee from your local grocery store. Starbucks coffee is cheaper at the grocery store and you can take advantage of coupons and sales as well. Consider brewing the Starbucks coffee at your home instead of buying drinks from Starbucks.

7. Avoid the latte

Don’t overspend on expensive lattes. Though they're very delicious, but with some tricks, you can save money. Order two espressos with ice and pour in the milk you like the most. You can add any flavor that are open at the bar. Thus, you can get an iced latte at a lesser price.

8. Order a short size cup

Yes, the short size 8-ounce cups are listed on Starbucks menu. So, you can enjoy your favorite short latte paying only $2.85 and a short drip coffee at $1.65.

9. Carry your own coffee mug

Do you know that Starbucks offers 10 cents off on your own cup? You can bring any reusable cup of your choice from home. Though the discount is not big, but “every penny counts”. So, you’ll be able to save on every Starbucks visit in the long run.

10. Try DIY tricks

You can save up to $1-$1.50 with a DIY hack. Buy 4 shots over ice in a venti cup and pour in the complimentary milk to taste the venti iced latte.

11. Avoid buying water from S-bucks

Try not to spend money on an overpriced water bottle. Drink Starbucks’ triple filtered water for free.

12. Take advantage of the rewards program

Signing up for Starbucks is free. You can get free birthday drink and food rewards. Registered members can get new products earlier. Using Starbucks app can simplify your payment as well.

Final words

Lastly, I will suggest you to break your coffee habit. Though, the option is quite difficult, but, you can at least try to reduce your Starbucks visit. Thus, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars a year on these overpriced coffees available at Starbucks. If you can’t break the coffee habit, then consider some DIY option at home. Many websites are there with a variety of S-bucks recipes that are very easy to try at home. So, get creative and taste DIY Starbucks coffee to make a noticeable change on your paycheck!

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