1. Small Business Broadband Deployment Act

This bill is a boon for small businesses since it protects them from tough regulations. Plus, the bill gives a chance to Internet Service Providers to expand networks, deploy broadband and provide better connectivity for rural consumers.

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2. Relaxation of travel and financial restrictions

It will be cheaper and easier for the US citizens to visit Cuba. Plus, more arrangements will be made for the Cuban sportsmen and artists to work in the US. US citizens can plan their trips to Cuba provided they have good interactions with Cubans. This is not the end. The US banks will be permitted to open accounts for Cuban nationals too.

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3. Drug treatment and prevention bill

The Senate passed this bill to overcome the drug crisis that lead to more deaths than car accidents. The bill authorizes funds for several types of treatments and prevention programs for addicts, even those who are in jail. The bill would give boost to prescription drug monitoring programs and increase the availability of the drug naloxone to reduce overdoses.

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4. Cameras in the courtroom Act

This Act would allow the broadcasting of Supreme Court proceedings to bring transparency. It is true that people may have a diverse opinion regarding the outcomes of court rulings. But, people at least deserve a chance to get an opportunity to watch the public proceedings on various serious issues such as marriage, healthcare, scams, etc. of the court. These issues affect the life of normal people. So, bringing the courtroom under the public glare would benefit the judicial process.

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5. Supreme Court Ethics Act

The Supreme Court judges can’t accept gifts over a specific monetary value, support any political leader or party or preside over a case in which they have a conflict of interest. They have to follow the same rules that more than 750 judges in the country abide by. This Act has been introduced after questionable activities of a few Supreme Court judges have been reported - attending political functions, being present at fundraisers, not reporting total income from political groups, etc. It isn’t right that only judges at the Supreme Court would be exempt from maintaining the code of conduct.

Read more: Supreme Court Ethics Act

6. Freedom of Information Act

Senate has passed transparency reform bill that would help to make it easier for journalists, citizens, businesses, etc. to access government records and documents online. The government can refuse to show records only if they foresee a particular harm to one of the interests that are safeguarded by FOIA exemptions - things such as trade secrets and national security information.

Get more details: Senate unanimously passes transparency reform bill that the Obama Administration secretly lobbied to kill

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