Unlike other American workers or professionals, the members of the US Armed Forces have a wider range of debt help options when compared with other citizens. The military members can avail the debt help from the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Armed Forces Legal Assistance Office, Installation Support Centers, and Military Relief Organizations. If you are a member of the US armed forces then you can check the following ways that can help you manage your finances and get you out of debt.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA): The deployed servicemembers and citizens entering the military or called to active duty can take help from SCRA. The members are protected with the help of this Act from expulsion due to nonpayment of rent that is lower than $1,200 each month. Before the active duty the interest rate on the credit card should not be more than 6%. The soldiers can approach their credit card company with a certified mail stating their active duty status along with their official orders.

Armed Forces Legal Assistance Office: The US military ID cardholder can get assistance from the Armed Forces Legal Assistance Office on military installations. You can tackle the debt collectors and the creditors with the help of the JAG officer who provides legal advice and assistance. The JAG officer will keep your financial information confidential. Your financial information will not be reported to your supervising officer unless you permit.

Military Relief Organizations: Military relief organizations are considered to be nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to the members of the military during time of financial crisis and also give grants along with interest-free loans. But you need to remember that this grant is available for one-time financial emergency like unexpected medical bills, rent and not for buying a house, vehicle or other unnecessary things.

Installation Support Centers: Installation Support Centers provide assistance to the military members by offering financial counseling and guidance. Fleet & Family Support Center offers advice to the Navy but the Army has Army Community Services Center. On the basis of the installation the program provides credit counseling session, debt management, financial education, and information regarding financial assistance programs. You can get the contact information of the support centre from the military installation website. The charges are nominal or free for the Department of Defense cardholders.

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