The federal and state governments are incorporating FTC Act (Section-5), FTC telemarketing sales rules and Uniform Debt Management Services Act into their legislation. With the implementation of these new laws, it will be improper and unlawful for ordinary professionals to identify themselves as debt arbitrators. Therefore, it has become very important for them to get certified by recognized and acclaimed organization that provides IAPDA training programs. This training program will make a professional much more informed about the debt relief industry. It will also hone their skill of negotiation and give recognition as a consumer debt specialist.

With recent changes in industry norms and regulations and increased consumer debt levels, debt relief companies are rapidly growing and evolving, in keeping with industry standard. These companies are in need of vast work forces that possess knowledge, skill and experience in debt domain. But, along with this, a certificate is what is now going to be a new demand of the law set forth by the state and federal government.

If you are an individual freelance professional, you can take up the course and get certified. This is surely going to be great career booster for professionals. It also authenticates their legal expertise and empowers them with the authority to deal with consumer debt relief services. Big debt relief companies are also sending their employees to obtain such a certificate. The training course can better help them learn the turn and twist of laws pertaining to consumer debt, credit and collection.

The recent changes in bankruptcy filing law have made it difficult for people to turn to   bankruptcy, whenever they please, to clear off their debt. The dropping value at housing market has made the residential real estate ‘equity poor’, reducing the amount of available cash for the property owner. The total of American consumer debt is estimated to be $2.56 trillion with 181 million Americans holding approximately 1.5 million credit cards. It has been founded out that approximately each household in the United State is carrying nine credit cards on the average. The scenario indicates the growing demand of debt relief programs that people need to depend upon in order to release their debt.

Therefore, the government is taking initiatives to address the challenge by producing a breed of Certified Debt Specialists or Certified Credit Counseling Specialists. It could be the most lucrative opportunity for individuals who want to nail their career on this debt relief services.

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