How to hack Cyber Monday 2K17 - Dos, Don'ts and Deals!

This year's shopping fiesta is hanging overhead, and guess what, Cyber Monday is on the charts!

It is nothing less than our dreams coming true. Like you can now buy that Macbook within $700, or get hold of your favorite microwave, or those Nike Air Jordan sneakers!

So, whatever this Cyber Monday looks like, you will just be busy shopping like hell!

But have you considered this small little fact that how this day could just bring in a deep hole in your pockets?

Getting discounts doesn't mean you are going to be in a rush and buy everything you can get your eyes on!

So, how can you be budget-wise and do your shopping without increasing your credit card bills? Because you surely don't want to spend the rest of the year clearing debts for this one-day shopping spree!

Here are the do's and dont's for Cyber Monday shopping:

1 Sort out the objects that you need for daily use:

See, you got to be practical out here and need to make use of the discounts to the fullest!

Make a list of all the necessary items like cosmetics, polo shirts, sneakers, power banks, rechargeable battery sets and all that you find useful!

If you buy these products in bulk on discounts, you will be saved from the whole year's hassle of shopping.

2 Do comparison shopping:

Never get carried away by the first deal you see on any website. Rather open up one or more tabs of different websites, like Amazon, Snapdeal or Walmart and compare an item on all of them!

Also, remember that Black Friday precedes the Cyber Monday. So, the offers you see online might still be valid at your local retail stores! Thus you need to be wise and decide where you will be doing your shopping.

You might not know but probably you can get a better deal at a local store than online!

3 Go for cash on delivery for most of your shopping:

For most of your shopping, you can choose the cash on delivery option. It will not only help you from paying those hefty interest charges on credit cards but also make you stay within your means.

Plus there are times when we get so many deals and discounts that we randomly go on adding items to our carts without estimating the total price!

With COD, you will be able to shop within your budget!

4 Don't just click on every link that blinks offers and sales:

Whenever the internet gets busy with shopping sales, it becomes easy for hackers and spammers to breach into your personal accounts. Sometimes even your bank accounts!

So, always do your shopping on authentic websites, which you are acquainted with and those that you know for a long time.

Any new website popping up on your screen with shiny deals might be a scam!

5 Check out the FAQ's of websites and read the return policies:

If you face any problem in your package after delivery, you should be able to choose a replacement or return option easily.

If you don't get an option of a refund or replacement, then you will be ditched for good, as the company will just raise hands and say it's your fault that you have not read the company policy.

6 Never do shopping with debit cards:

Remember to either go for cash on delivery option or shop with credit cards. Debit cards mean money getting dragged out of your bank account.

So, if you are not satisfied with an item post delivery, and you don't get a refund, your money will be drained out for no good reason.

Now coming to the deals section.

This year electronics sale is going to soar high.

With the all new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X, things are going to get messy! Also, not to forget the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other Android devices.

For hardcore gamers, the PS4 and Xbox One will be available at a lowered price! So, get your stereos on and go game!

Not to worry, clothesline sections will also be glittering so that you can grab some of those fancy party wears at cheaper rates.

What are the Cyber Monday deals and discounts we can expect this year?

Deals on techs and gadgets:

Samsung 50 inch 4K TV will see an expected $250 or above discount.

Samsung Galaxy S8 might see a $200 fall!

Fitbit Flex 2 will be $40 or so less.

Heavy discounts will be offered on laptops.

Dell XPS might have a $350 off on its price tag, and MSI gaming laptops will have some $500 off!

XBOX One S (1tb) will be available at a price of only $350!

Deals on furniture and home appliances:

Bedding, home decor, and furniture are expected to see a discount of at least 15%

Kitchenwares will be offered at about 20% discount!

Same with home appliances - Upto 20% off!

Winter wear will also have about 20% discount rates!

Plus lots of baby deals, toys, sports, binoculars and telescope discounts are available this year!

Amazon, Walmart and Costco are also geared up with their own set of deals. Those will be displayed 3 or 4 days prior to Cyber Monday. So, it's better to stay hooked onto the internet, for you don't want to miss any shiney deal that's going to pop up anytime soon!

Make up your mind, figure out your budget, shop sensibly and make use of the deals to their fullest!

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