How and where a single mother can get free grant money

In today’s economy it has become really tough to handle a family. It become more difficult when a single mother have no other second source of income. However, free grant money is always there for your help. But many single mothers are not aware that they can take the help of free money and can manage their family alone. This article contains some useful information about free grant money for those women who have decided to take the journey alone with their child.

How a single mother can prepare herself to get grant money

  1. You need to prepare a question list beforehand. such as:
    1. How can I get the grant?
    2. Is any resources required for the process?
    3. What is the last date of application?
    4. When I can get the grant?
  2. Make sure that your income level meet the eligibility criteria. Single mothers with low earning can only apply for Govt grants.
  3. You can find out many grants in online or in your local Govt. offices. They can give you more details about it. Ask them for detail information and how to apply for the grants.
  4. Visit Govt. website ( to get additional grants. There are many financial help program available. They offer “first come first service”. So, you need to be very updated to get these type of grants because the funds are limited.
  5. You need to submit an essay, explaining why you deserve most for the grants. Get help from a friend or relative or school’s writing center if you find difficulties while writing the explanation.
  6. If you’re a student then it will be easy for your to get grants. Pell Grant will help those single mother who are studying and have low income. They give grants for college tuition, books, daycare or other school supplies.
  7. Student single mother should visit school financial aid office to know how to apply for State’s grant.

Where a single mother can get grant money

Single mothers are actually doing the job of both the father and the mother of a family and so it really becomes tough for them to handle the expenses of the family. However, as said before, grant money are available for single moms. So, there are some places where you can get free grant money for your need.

  1. Federal government – The best source of free grant money is the federal government of United States. Try to find out what kind of grants are being offered and what are the requirements in order to qualify for the free grant money.

  2. State and Local Agencies – The federal government also distributes the grant money to local governments and not to individuals. This money is mainly to help the low-income families, so if you are eligible, you can use this as a single mom. Different programs like the USDA's Rural Development Housing and Community Facilities, HUD's Home Investment Partnerships, the Homelessness Prevention and the Rapid Re-Housing Program provide for such funding.

  3. Housing Choice Voucher Program – The federal government also provides grants for single mothers through public housing agencies. This money is offered in the form of vouchers which can serve various purposes. You can use this money to even pay off your rent.

  4. Private Web Grants and Scholarships – Single mothers are also eligible for some private scholarships and the grant programs. Don’t get confuse between scholarships and grants. Scholarships are the ones that are given on the basis of merit. On the other hand, grants are need based programs, based on the needs of the people.


Such grants for the single mothers are available for various purposes like for the purpose of child care, for small businesses, for legal services and other purposes. So, be positive. You can get free money to meet your expenses and take care a child as well. You need to find out the exact criteria that are required as per your need. So, search closely and get the most suitable free grant money!

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