Are you aware of the home improvement scams which are very common these days, especially in summer and spring time? Home improvement scammers are deceptive. They visit each residential area to hunt their victims. So, don't trust on any unknown contractor who offers exciting home renewal deals such as free services or low charge on driveway sealant, chimney repair, home improvement, roof correction, security alarm and so on.

Some examples of home improvement scams

There are many scam examples around us. I can share you a real story. One day my friend Tracy told me that last week, a man convinced her for repairing the old garage (which was attached to the house). He offered an attractive deal for the project. The man told her that as per the company’s deal she is getting the discount. Tracy was happy and agreed and gave some money for booking. The man told her to visit her the next morning with other workers and necessary products. But he never visits Tracy again.

These types of scam stories are common now. They may tell you to visit the next day, can leave the project incomplete or can make an extra charge after finishing the whole work which wasn’t in the contract.

Types of home improvement scams

Door-to-door home improvement scams are mainly related to maintenance or repairing the home. Some main scams are as follows:

  1. Driveway Pavement Scams
  2. Home Improvement Scams
  3. Security Alarm Scams

How to avoid home improvement scams

Ellis Levinson, a consumer reporter and author of the book "Hiring Contractors Without Going Through Hell" said, “it's also a time when crooked contractors come out of the woodwork to prey on innocent homeowners. Some are actually scam artists while others are just incompetent or unethical".

Try to avoid these unknown scammers who want to theft you even in daylight. Below are some guidelines that you must know:

# Be cautious

Don’t rely on a person who comes to your door. Ask the person about the company’s information before grabbing his exciting deal. Ask the contact number of the company or request him to contact you later.

# Do some research

If you’re planning for home improvement, then you need to do some research before working with a contractor. Search Online about the company. You may get the customer review, rating, and negative comment as well. You can ask your friends, relatives, local consumer advocate about the company you’re going to appoint for the work. You can get the recommendation from them. Try to get the rating from BBB as well.

# Look for other options

Try to get more than one bid for your home improvement project from different contractors. Ask their price and decide according to your affordability.

# Review the contractor's credential

If you are planning to hire a contractor for the home improvement project, then you need to know about the company's authenticity. Check if there is any rule to protect the customer from any damage and theft. Ask if they provide liability insurance, compensation insurance as well.

# Make a proper contract

Make a proper deal with the contractor. Mention the tasks, cost, materials, completion dates, the warranty clearly in the contract. Don't forget to read the terms and condition before signing.

# Be careful while making the payment

At first make a deposit of 25 to 33% of the total work. Don't pay the full amount until the whole work is done. Make sure you get the final payment receipt after making the whole payment.


If you are planning for home improvement projects, then research on the Internet to know the guidelines for selecting a contractor and other necessary knowledge as well.

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