6 Helpful tips to alleviate back-to-school stress

I am back again with yet another post for parents. My last post was on - Final back-to-school financial checklist: Countdown begins. I hope all of you have read and liked it. This post is also on the back-to-school season. But this time I will be talking about the back-to-school season and the ways to overcome the stress (both emotional and financial) that comes with it.

It’s almost time for students and teachers to prepare themselves for the back-to-school season. It’s time to head back to school. It’s time to forget the crazy days spent on the sunny beaches and focus on studies. The fun time is over.

During my childhood days, I used to feel sick when the back-to-school time kicked in. But more than me, mom and dad used to panic a lot. I couldn’t understand the reason behind their stress back then. They used to calculate figures, run to schools and shops, do paperwork and many other things. I didn’t have any clue. But now I do.

Back-to-school season is a stressful time for parents since it has many associated costs. Here are the 6 tips that can help parents to overcome this phase successfully.

Tips to overcome back-to-school financial stress

1. Upgrade the computer:

Perhaps the most expensive item on the back-to-school shopping list is the computer or a laptop. But is it necessary to buy a new computer or a laptop? Old technology could still be useful. You can upgrade your computer and skip buying a new one. You can upgrade your computer memory and reduce your financial stress.

2. Shop everything at the same time:

Watch out for the great deals on loose-leaf paper, pens, pencils, erasers, glues, blunt-edged scissors, etc. and do your grocery shopping at the same time. These are basic school supplies. Your kids will need them anyway. This will help you save time, money, and gas.

3. Buy during consignment sales:

Consignment stores are a great place to find used clothes in good condition. You can search for group consignment sales in your locality. Usually, these consignment sales happen on the weekend where you’ll get plenty of clothes and other items under one roof. This is a great place to take your kids with you. Kids outgrow their clothes fast. You can sell some of their clothes and buy a few clothes that fit them perfectly. You can also get sports equipment at a less price there.

How to release the back-to-school emotional stress

Stress sets in with the arrival of the back-to-school season. As you start working on a long to-do list, you feel stressed out. Here are a few simple tips that will help you navigate the back-to-school transition phase successfully.

1. Buy a good backpack for your children:

Purchase a cool backpack for your kids, preferably in vibrant colors since kids love them. But don’t forget about their safety. Check if kids are comfortable in carrying them. It is better to buy broad, padded shoulder straps and back. Look at the compartments in the backpack.

2. Change the wake-up time of kids:

The biggest challenge that parents face in the beginning of the back-to-school season is changing routines. It’s a herculean task to drag kids out of bed at 6 am. Change the wake-up time of kids one week before the first day of school. Change the bathing and meal times of kids. You should have a clear discussion with your kids about what they are expected to do when the school re-opens. For instance, if you expect that your kids will do homework before dinner, then inform them about it.

3. Visit the school:

Take some time out of your busy schedule and visit the school with your kid. Often kids are scared of going to the school. They get nervous and become edgy. What you can do is take your kid to the school and allow him/her to get familiar with the school environment. Let him/her meet the teacher. It’s a damn good way to overcome fear. Show the picture of the school and teacher every day.


Proper planning and organization can help you to relax in the back-to-school season. Create a study space for your kids, update all the school-related accounts, buy colorful organizers, paper, pencils, and other necessary items. Try to create a positive environment at home since it will help you and your kids to navigate the back-to-school transition smoothly.

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