Go ahead! Treat yourself in 14 ways without spending a dime

You deserve a treat. Period.

You have worked hard throughout the year.

  • January: Made financial resolutions and paid off your holiday debts.
  • February: Saved money for the Valentine’s Day.
  • March: Cleaned your financial house in spring.
  • April: Paid off your tax finally.
  • May: Took steps to increase your retirement savings.
  • June: Had a budget-friendly summer vacation.
  • July: Did a mid-financial year check and adjust your budget accordingly.
  • August: Started preparing for the back-to-school shopping season.
  • September: Made your holiday reservations and did your life insurance check-up

Whoa! So much work in just 9 months. Enough. You deserve a treat. Period.

Now, it’s time to treat yourself.

Oops! The festive season has arrived. You have to save money for holiday gift shopping and celebrations. You can’t afford to splurge for self-indulgence. So what can you do?

Don’t worry, there are several ways to enjoy the finer things in life. You don’t have to break your budget to satisfy your soul.

I have created a list of 14 ways to pamper yourself without spending a penny.

1. Chat with your sweetheart:

A text message is not enough. Call your sweetheart and have a video chat with him or her. Just 60 minutes will feel like heaven to both of you. You can also call a long-lost friend and have a ‘hearty’ talk in Skype. You’ll feel rejuvenated.

2. Visit a park:

A walk in the park can be refreshing. You can meet your old friends and neighbors. You can play with kids or you can just sit and enjoy natures’ beauty.

3. Vent out your pangs in writing:

One of the best ways to release your creative urge is to write a prose or poetry or a journal. The format can be anything. Don’t think about the quality of your content. No one is going to read it. But at least you can vent out your thoughts and feelings without being judged. You can feel free.

4. Paint your dreams:

Take a piece of paper and pencil. Draw what you visualize in your mind or see in your favorite dream. You can draw a cartoon character or a landscape or someone you love dearly.

5. Read a book you bought several days ago:

When was the last time you held a cup of hot coffee and read a good book? When did you last enter into a dream world where life is full of interesting and intriguing characters? Grab a book from your bookshelf that you have yearned to read for many years. Get lost in a beautiful story till you finish it with a relish.

6. Cook your favorite dishes:

Trust me cooking can be relaxing. Take your time and cook something delicious with ingredients you have in the kitchen. Try to cook your favorite dish. If you want to have more fun, invite your neighbor or a friend.

7. Dance on your favorite tune:

Play your favorite music and start dancing. Leave all your inhibitions and just dance. Take a hairbrush, sing, and just dance. It’s awesome.

8. Enjoy in the sea beach:

The sun, the surf, fresh air, a bottle of good wine - perfect ingredients for fun. Apply sunscreen on your body and take a lazy walk on the sea beach. Enjoy watersports or swim for hours. You’ll feel fresh and happy.

9. Play your favorite games:

This can be as simple as playing video games in your computer. You can download games in your smartphone and play. You can play sudoku, jigsaw puzzles or board games. Don’t forget to play with your furry friend or kids too. Feel like a kid at least for a few minutes.

10. Look at the stars and sleep:

Have you ever slept under stars? If not, then you should experience it at least once. Studies say that sleeping under the stars is good for health. The University of Michigan once conducted an experiment on a group military veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. These soldiers were asked to spend a week in the great outdoors. The effect was very good - better social functioning, life out look, mental state, etc. The soldiers realized what is important in life.

11. Sleep, sleep and sleep:

Nothing is more relaxing than sleeping on a cozy bed. Take a day off and sleep throughout the day. Spray lavender oil on your pillow and transpire into a dreamy world. Let your overworked bones relax and recharge your battery.

12. Watch your favorite movie again:

So what if you have watched Titanic or Avatar 50 times? Number 51 can make you feel just as good.

13. Bake cakes and cookies:

Baking is again very relaxing. You just need 4 essential ingredients - flour, eggs, butter and sugar. That’s it. You can bake a plain vanilla cake or make a mouthwatering brownie with choco chips and vanilla extract.

14. Play with bubbles:

Do you have a bathtub in your home? If som then you can treat yourself right now. Fill your bathtub with a moisturizing body wash. Let all your troubles melt away with the bubbles. Lit your bathroom with scented candles, sip a glass of wine, and read a good book. This is called pampering at its best.


Tired of your old and bored look? Open up your makeup case. Play with the various shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blush. Watch Youtube videos and try a new hair style. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go anywhere. You can look beautiful and feel good in your home too.

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