Get back to school without debt

Now when the winter is heading closer, it’s time to shoulder the school bags and get back to classes. Whether you are getting back to college or sending your juniors to schools, this time of the year can turn out to be very costly, especially when the Christmas is also heading closer. However, going back to school doesn’t mean that you’re again getting back into debt! Nevertheless, if you don’t spend carefully these days, you can easily add up huge debt. Below are best five easy ways to avoid falling in debt during the launch of classes.

Walk by the Book

Whether you are getting back to the college or going back to attend the school, you can easily spend beyond your means this November as of the class trips, schools necessities, clothes and lastly the festive season. However, you need to keep track of all your spending so that you could prevent your steps toward debt. Make use of a notebook and write down your weekly spending. If you’ve decided to stay thrifty and carefully put down each of your spending on paper, you are less likely to overspend.

Avoid campus “Visitors

”Each fall, the credit card companies target many college students. The sales teams of many credit card companies visit college campuses this time and appear at many hangout spots on campus to sell students a brand-new credit card with many “add ons”. Never fall for such a planned trap! While many of these cards would come with bonus gifts, if you accept one, it’d undoubtedly compel to spend more.

Apply for scholarships and bursaries

These days, many academic institutions offer their students various scholarships or bursaries. Most of the times, these financial awards remain unclaimed, as many students are not aware of them. Approach your college’s financial aid officer who is the best person to tell you about the awards you could apply. You can also do some online research works to know about the financial help you are entitled to get during the college. You might be shocked to know how many award programs are there for college students to take advantage of.

Make use of your student concessions!

Make sure you know your student card well! You might not know that your student card could save you huge on transport and food. These days, many student unions even offer such discount cards that help you save a few dollars at selected shops and restaurants. So make use of your student card to the fullest whenever you go to purchase an item. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Plan well!

The best option to defeat debt is proper planning. Besides budgeting, make use of your phone or any other electronic gadget to notify you about due dates of payments. If you do these, you won’t have to remember these things while studying. Therefore, planning and setting reminders is a great way to make your payments on time and avoid debt.

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