Easy tips to begin a joyous New Year

Everyone makes resolutions at the start of each year. Hardly anyone is able to stick to it. But you can! The simplest way is to start with your finances. With your finances right, 2014 couldn't get better.

Fact remains, this country is 11.3 trillion dollars in debt with 856 dollars in credit cards and another trillion from student loans, says the Federal Reserve. This makes the average American household strapped with more than 15,000 dollars in debt.

Dissolve debt easily this 2014

The figures seem huge, but the steps are simple. These easy tips should help you get your finances straight and begin this year afresh.

  1. Get down to organizing: The simplest thing is to get down to some organizing. Just be sure of the bills you're paying, keep a track of where your money is spent, etc. If you can have a filing system, then you have it all sorted.
  2. Use cash instead of plastic: Getting into the habit of using cash is the best thing you could do. By doing so, you'd be spending from the resources you've actually got. This stops you from getting into further debt.
  3. Have a financial buddy: This can be fun and interesting too! Have a close friend with whom you can discuss financial concerns. This acts as a check on where you're going wrong financially.

So it's basically simple! No point starting on resolutions that are too lofty to keep. Work on the 3 simple tips discussed above and you're set for a rocking 2014!

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