Budgeting marvel on Mother's Day: Turning cheap foods into delectables

Mother’s Day is round the corner and if you’re planning to make your mom feel special on this day, but are wary of your tight budget, then you need to think again. This is because you can use some of the cheapest foods possible to be used for that special day’s brunch, even though they’re somewhat boring, bland or aged and get them converted into never-before delectables. 

As a result, you get the best of both world’s - a rocking Mother’s Day brunch and an unwavered budget. 

Making lavish dishes out of affordable food items

Here are some of the smart ways to enjoy cheap foods in the most attractive way possible that would be soothing on your tight budget:

Use sauce to add zing to your dish - Its no doubt that staples like rice, beans and pasta are some of the most affordable grocery items you can ever buy, not to mention how bland they can be. However, instead of serving them as a plain dish or with butter, you may test them with sauces in order to add some unique flavor or to increase their gastronomic appeal. This will particularly come in handy when you’re celebrating Mother’s Day at your home this May 11. 

Moreover, there are some easiest add-in that you can include in the day’s menu, may be just by stirring in a little amount of pan drippings from your main dish meat, provided you’ve got only one, or may be you could do well with a can of sauce only. Its granted that you’re already street smart enough to have used a jar of spaghetti sauce to a box of ready-to-eat pasta. Still, don’t limit your avenues to explore as far as food is concerned and you may try out newer items like a dash of creamy dill sauce instead of the same old rice.

Marinade meats for better texture - Meets like chuck roast, chicken pieces or pork shoulder are some of the most affordable kinds of meat. Still, they’ve got some shortcomings of their own. You may call them dull, tough and chewy. Luckily, you can marinade these meats since it is one of the most lucrative ways to boost their flavor and improve upon their texture.

Usually, its not at all advisable to marinade tender meats or fishes for an extended period of time. However, you can with much confidence marinade the chuck roast for the whole night in a freezer. In order to add a twist to this trick, you can try using a lemon herb to marinade chicken pieces.

Make purees of aged vegetables - Yes, its true that fresh vegetables always taste better and are definitely more appetizing as well as nutritious. However, this doesn’t allow you to shrug at the idea of using those old stock of veggies found in the reduced-price rack. Remember, you’re working on a tight budget and your primary goal here is to more through smart budgetingyou celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom. So, buying those latest farm fresh arrivals isn’t what you seek out here but less than perfect veggies that are acceptable. This is because it is better have something than nothing at all.

Having said that it is never a good idea to consume those veggies raw. Instead, turning them into purees would prove to be a smarter move that would, in particular, hide their shortcomings. For instance, you can make a puree for the potato soup rather than add in some spinach at the end.

Apart from that, you can take advantage of different varieties of slightly bruised and blemished fruits to make purees out of them as well. You can make attractive, delectable breakfast smoothies with the bargain fruits, but then you’ve got some other alternatives like jams and sauces to make too. For example, you can use bruised apples during the fall to make Crock Pot applesauce. Money-saving ideas like these will make celebrating events like Mother’s Day an easy affair, only if you are willing to abide by the evergreen budgeting rule - spend less than you make. 


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