Oaki's handpicked list of 11 tweets that help you fix debt

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Best tweets on debt
1. “Debt is nothing more than impatience expressed in money”
Get rich slowly

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/nh5P9KIKei

Oaki says,

You know what’s the best part of this tweet? It captures the central idea of the article and expresses it smartly. Impatience will invite debt troubles and patience will help to build wealth. An impatient man will divorce his wife quickly, he will switch houses frequently, buy what he wants even when it is beyond his affordability, etc. But, a patient man will work on his relationship and save a costly divorce, he will stay at his house and pay off mortgage and spend only within his means.

2. “New Post - Debt Avalanche vs. Debt Snowball: When Math Trumps Behavior”
Boomer and Echo

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/2XmV13Uqbf

Oaki says,

What a nice way to explain and compare the twin concepts within a few characters. Just Wow!

Debt avalanche method has been conceptualized on the basis of mathematical facts. It highlights only one fact - eliminate the highest interest today and pay less tomorrow. But, Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method throws mathematical calculations into the garbage and focuses on the behavioral aspect of the debt. And that is, a few quick successive victories can boost your morale and encourage you to get debt free faster.

3. “Deferment and Forbearance: Earn your financial peace after college”
Oak View Law Group

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/oSm7x27ks2

Oaki says,

Oh! How can you even think that I can forget my darling, my OVLG? And how can I even afford to forget the horrific student loans? Really, this tweet is dedicated to all those who have lost their financial peace due to student loans. It gives a ray of hope to distressed students.

Really, deferment and forbearance give you an option to ditch your student loans. But only federal student loans. Mind it! Not the private ones.

4. “Who else agrees? 3 Things I HATE About #StudentLoans”

You can view the entire article at- http://t.co/GNoEO81RI3

Oaki says,

I love those who have the guts to speak what’s there in their hearts. And this tweet does just that. It is straight and to the point. The article speaks about 3 detestable student loan facts:

  • One single late payment will make a huge black spot on your credit report.
  • Student loan default rate is increasing with each passing day
  • Student loans creates a big stress on your budget

The tweet evokes a call to action. It evokes curiosity regarding what are the 3 aspects you might hate about students? This makes you visit the article at least once. So, mission accomplished.

5. “Would you rather keep your current debt or gain 25lbs & be debt free?”

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/TDrC4QdQGb

Oaki says,

Well, this is simply hilarious. The tweet is catchy and hits your ‘think-tank’ directly. Which one is more important - your debt or a few extra pounds in your body? If you gain 25 extra pounds, then all your debt issues will be resolved. But if you want to maintain a good figure, then your debt issues will still be with you. Americans have already given their answer. Now, it’s your turn. Think and then give a reply.

6. “13 Forgotten ways to reduce your household debt”
Debt Consolidation Care

You can view the entire article at - goo.gl/QPFJn7

Oaki says,

Sometimes, one adjective does the trick. In this tweet, “13 Forgotten ways” gives a new twist to the otherwise average line. The phrase “forgotten” evokes curiosity amongst readers. As in, what have we forgotten? Have we really forgotten the basics and giving focus to intricate suggestions given by professionals? If yes, then what are they? Intrigued? Well, you should be. Read the article once. This is one of my favorites. I’m sure you’ll like it too. Trust Oaki!!!

7. “Treat Paying Down Debt Like Working Out to Make it a Habit”
National Debt Relief

You can view the entire article at- http://t.co/jqciMbjWFF

Oaki says,

Physical and financial fitness is my forte. And that’s why I love this tweet. Just like you work out everyday in gym to stay in perfect shape, likewise you need to treat debt in order to be in the right financial shape.

“Paying off debt is like building muscle. It gets stronger the more you work it. Every dollar paid off is a little more I can lift. And the student loan no longer feels like the weight of the world”

Pay off your debts little by little whenever you can. Make it a habit to pay your bills regularly. This will help you build a beautiful financial health.

8. “The 5-Step Plan I Used to Get Out of Debt”
Money Ning

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/NlM4c63OK1

Oaki says,

The message is loud and clear. You can finally dig yourself out of the debt. All you need to do is take only 5 steps. And these are - using your bonuses/incentives to pay off debt, living on a bare minimum amount and spending the rest on debts, etc. Eager to know about the other steps too? Just read the article once.

9. “4 College graduates share their secrets to quickly paying off student loans”
Yes I am cheap

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/TeB4AMEMsA

What I have learned after reading several blog posts is that people love to read personal or controversial stories and know about the secrets of others. Some readers won’t even read the whole article, but the title of this tweet will make them mug up the main points at least.

Read this article to get a sweet reminder.

10. “25 Simple Things You Can Do to Start Paying off Debt Now”
Frugal Rules

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/ilUBDhgvqk

This tweet gives you the plan of action - 25 simple things you can do to ditch debts. Sometimes. the journey towards a debt free life begins with very small steps. And this tweet gives you a hint at the small but significant steps you can take to embark on a debt free journey. I won’t say that all the steps are unique or something that you haven’t heard before. But, often we tend to forget even the basic steps. This article gives you a sweet reminder about that.

11. “Six Presidents Who Suffered with Personal Debt Problems”

You can view the entire article at - http://t.co/g9gVxRsg9y

Oaki says,

Two things worked in this tweet. First, the timing. It was posted when the whole nation was busy in evaluating the importance of President’s Day. Secondly, the concept. The juxtaposition of two words - president and personal debt problems are enough to grab eyeballs. Who doesn’t want to get some juicy stories about others? And especially about the Presidents of our country?

This is my list of inspiring tweets for debtors. Do you have any tweet in mind that will help people get out of debt? Share those tweets with me. I'll be more than happy to recommend them to debtors in my next blogpost.

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