Memorial Day is approaching. And the best part is, no other event will much popular in summer than this Day. Because, Memorial Day is very popular for shopping, having good foods with friends and guests and having summer fun. This is such an event when millions of people will hit the store to buy appliance, gadgets. They will even hit hotels to have good foods or have some fun. But all these fun can cost you big if you haven't yet finalise your budget and schedule the necessary expenditure for the event.

9 Ways to curb extra expenses to save dollar

You may be thinking to host a barbecue party on this Memorial Day or, a nice get together party on a good hotel, or just want to shop some items, whatever it is, you need to do a lot of pre planning. Thus, you can have fun and save some dollar as well. Here are some easy ways to save dollar on the big day.

1. Consider dollar store to shop

For throwing a party, you need some basic items like paper plates, plastic cutlery so on. And no option is best than dollar store to get those items. Yes, you can easily get all the items spending less money there. So, choosing supermarket to buy things will be your biggest blunder and can cost you big.

2. Buy in bulk

You need to buy in bulk according to the number of guest and menu. So try to buy in bulk (meat, vegetables, other necessary things). You can get big discounts on bulk items so it will be always a win win deal.

3. Find the butcher shop to buy meat

Especially for a barbecue party you need lot of meat. And you can save more money by considering a butcher shop instead of prepared packets available on supermarket. You can also get chicken breast or meat in large slabs in a butcher shop. So, no need to spend extra dollar when you can save up to 60% to avoid prepared meat.

4. Plan the menu beforehand

Don't leave all the task for last moment. It seems that, most of time, last minute rush can be a big pocket burner. If you plan the menu according to the number of guest, plan the recipe and shop accordingly, then you can always get the time to get things with right price.

5. Choose the self cooking option

There are ample of websites where you can get easy and delicious recipes. So why don’t you give yourself a chance? You may cook some delicious food and impress your guest as well. Always try to make your own salad, marinade, dressing. You have all the required ingredients (necessary herbs, olive oil, vinegar, spices, sauce, lime so on) at your home. So, don’t waste your money on costly packaged foods any more. You can even bake cookies, cupcakes, cakes of your own.

6. Try to get boxed wine

Don’t spend money on bottled wine when you can easily get boxed wine for your guests. Boxed wine is much affordable than bottled wine and can easily served.

7. Ask your guest to bring side dishes

If you’re planning a big party, then you can ask the guest to bring side dishes. Plan only the main dishes and other required things for a party.

8. Get discounts and special coupons

Special Memorial Day discounts and coupons are available these days. So, take a close look on Internet and save big on television, furniture, kitchen appliance, apparel so on! You can get even promo codes on departmental stores.

9. Don’t forget to redeem credit card rewards

Try to buy the grocery items on the same store where you shop on regular basis. Thus, you can get reward points on your credit cards. Try to redeem the credit card. So that you can get the discounts on your purchase. Make sure you use the points for cash back to your bank account. Or, try to exchange the gift card and get the one which you can use for Memorial Day shopping as well. Don’t miss the discounts on gas station too.

Final words

Lastly, make sure that you don’t spend money extravagantly. Because incurring holiday debts can hurt your credit score and will take big time to paid off. So, try to plan beforehand so when the Memorial Day weekend arrives you’ll be able to attend the events in your own joyful way without having any financial worry.

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