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Like anyone else, you would want to keep your Boss under your control. After all, your boss possesses the remote-control of your career. So, if you really wish to have a shining career, then you really need to woo your Boss. Now the question is, how can you woo your difficult and temperamental Boss? What should you really do to get his/her attention? Okay, don’t think too much. We have devised a 365 days planner to snatch the remote-control from your Boss with love and get a good pay hike at the end of your mission.

16th October - Work on your mission to attain the remote-control & rule your Boss

make your boss happy

“Go the extra inch” to make your boss happy

[Period: 16th October to 15th December ]
  • Celebrate boss’s day
  • Help your boss
  • Agree with your boss most times
  • Volunteer to complete unassigned projects
  • Praise boss in front of others
strengthen your bond

Support and strengthen your bond

[Period: 16th December to 15th February]

  • Support him in his bad times
  • Adopt your boss’s style
  • Communicate with him in his style
  • Spread positive energy in office
  • Be patient and absorb his negative comments
indispensable employee

Perform consistently & be an indispensable employee

[Period: 16th February to 15th April]

  • Keep him updated
  • Solve problems before he has to
  • Master the art of looking busy
  • Know what is important for him and do that
  • Don’t take frequent leaves
right hand of your boss

It’s time to be the right hand of your boss

[Period: 16th April to 15th June]

  • Make his work easier
  • Do overtime when he needs you
  • Mentor others when you’ve time
  • Give him regular updates
  • Work with the team
made the right decision

Make him believe he has made the right decision

[Period: 16th June to 15th August ]

  • Come up with innovative ideas
  • Work smartly to improve productivity
  • Offer solutions, not complaints
  • Stop your boss from making a bad decision
  • Finish projects before deadline
  • Do homework before any conference
fall in love with you

Use your charm and make him fall in love with you

[Period: 16th August to 15th October]

  • Don’t leave office before he leaves
  • Keep your promise
  • Make yourself indispensable
  • Show accountability
  • Be a smart worker
  • Apologize when you screw up
  • Wait for your appraisal

16th October - Finally! I have got a hike after 365 days of smart work

Mantra: A happy boss = A fat paycheck = A happier employee

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