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Nebraska Bankruptcy Laws


Principle place of residence of the debtor up to the extent of $ 12,500 which will be same amount for sale proceed up to 6 months after sale.


75 % (or 85 % for the head of the family or 30 times) the federal minimum hourly wage per week whichever is greater.

Personal Property

Personal property of the debtor excluding the up to the extent of $ 12,500.

Disabled Veteran's Property

Property of disabled veterans purchased or improved with improved with pension money.

Household goods

Household furniture, Regular usage tools, Computers, Books, or Musical instruments or tools and implements of similar nature.

Professional Tools and Implements

Professional books, tools or instruments required for carrying on trade and profession up to the extent of $ 2,400.

Annuity Contract

Annuity contract benefit is exempted up to the extent of $ 10,000.

Total or Absolute Exemptions for

  • Professionally prescribed health aids of debtor or his/her dependents.
  • Disabled or blind assistance payments.
  • Unemployment and workmen's compensation benefits.
  • Benefits of accident or health insurance policies.
  • Fraternal insurance benefits benefit.

Court's Address

111 South 18th Plaza, Suite 1125, Omaha, NE 68102

Court's Phone Number


Court's Email Address

Court's Hours

830 AM to 430 PM

Court's Name District of Nebraska - Lincoln Office

Court's Address

100 Centennial Mall North, Suite 460, Lincoln, NE 68502

Court's Phone Number

(402) 437-5100

Court's Hours

830 AM to 430 PM

Court Locations

Lincoln, North Platte, Omaha

Jurisdictional Counties

All Counties


Hon. Thomas L. Saladino (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)100 Centennial Mall North, Room 463 Lincoln, NE 68508(402) 437-5442Hon. Timothy J. Mahoney (Chief Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court)111 S. 18th Place, Ste. 1125 Omaha, NE 68102(402) 661-7480


Cheryl Oliver (Deputy in Charge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court) Room 463 100 Centennial Mall North Lincoln, NE 68508(402) 437-5100Diane L. Zech (Bankruptcy Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court)111 S. 18th Place, Suite 1125 Omaha, NE 68101(402) 661-7444

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