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Montana Bankruptcy Laws


Homestead consisting of mobile home or dwelling in which debtor resides and land on which it is located, a written declaration of homestead must be recorded with county clerk. This includes noticeable proceeds for 18 months after sale.

Household Goods

Household furnishing goods, appliances, jewelry, wearing apparel, books, firearms, sporting goods, animals, feed, crops and musical instruments exempted up to the extent of $ 600 per item and $ 4,500 aggregate value.


One motor vehicle up to the worth of $ 2,500.

Household goods

Household goods and furniture, any personal property held primarily for the debtor himself/herself or any dependent up to the extent of $ 2,000.

Professional Items

Implements, professional books, tools of trade of debtor or dependent are exempted up to the extent of $ 3000.

Life Insurance

Unmatured life insurance contracts up to the extent of $ 4,000.


Aggregate net earnings of debtor 75 % or 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage per week, whichever is greater.

Cooperative Salary

Salaries in cooperative associations up to the extent of $ 500 par value.

Disability Insurance Proceeds

Disability insurance proceeds up to $ 350 per month.

Total or Absolute Exemptions for

  • Specific partnership benefits.
  • Professionally prescribed health aids.
  • Veteran's benefits.
  • Disability or illness benefit.
  • IRAs qualified under I.R.C.
  • Medical, surgical or hospital care benefits, if used for medical care.
  • Burial Plot of debtor and family.
  • Benefits from state authorized Retirement System Plan.
  • Group life insurance policies and proceeds.
  • Fraternal benefit society benefits.
  • Disability insurance benefit.
  • Silicosis benefits.
  • Cemetery association loss.
  • Specific partnership benefits.
  • Fireman's pension benefits.
  • Public assistance benefits.
  • Unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Worker's compensation benefits.
  • Proceeds of annuity contracts.

Court's Address

Room 303 Federal Building, 400 North Main, Butte, MT 59703

Court's Email Address

Court's Phone Number


Court's Hours

800AM - 500PM

Jurisdictional Counties

All Counties

Court Locations

Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Missoula, Kalispell


Hon. John L. Peterson215 Federal Bldg. 400 N. Main St. Butte, MT 59701(406) 782-3338Hon. Ralph B. Kirscher215 Federal Bldg. 400 N. Main St. Butte, MT 59701(406) 782-3338


Bernard F. McCarthy (Bankruptcy Clerk)303 Federal Bldg. 400 N. Main St. Butte, MT 59701(406) 497-1243

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