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Idaho Bankruptcy Laws


Up to $ 50,000 for the residential home, or mobile home, and the land on which that home is situated.


75 % of the disposable earning or 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage per week.


One motor vehicle of worth $ 3,000.


Ornaments of $1,000.

Professional Appliances:

Professional books and tools and other implements which are necessary to carry on trade and profession.


$ 1,000 on grown crops on 50 acres of land owned, possessed or leased.


Gun (handgun, revolver, rifle or pistol) of $ 500 or of lesser value.

Unmatured Insurance:

$ 5,000 accrued dividends on unmatured life insurance only where the debtor or any dependent of the debtor is the insured person.

Annuity Contracts:

Annuity contract proceeds of up to $ 350 per month.

Irrigational Water Rights:

Irrigational water rights up to the extent of 160 inches of the water table.

Reasonable Amount of Exemption:

  • Disability & Illness Benefits.
  • Alimony Support or Illness Benefits.
  • Life Insurance Claim Proceeds.
  • Wrongful death or injury benefits.

Total or Absolute Exemptions for:

  • Necessary apparel, prescribed health aids.
  • Reparation awards of victims of crime.
  • Pension for Armed Forces.
  • Military Equipments owned personally by National Guards.
  • Burial plot.
  • Necessary Health Aids including.
  • Specific Partnership Interests.
  • Public Assistance Benefits.
  • Federal Social Security Benefits.
  • Federal Pension Benefits.
  • Qualified Employees Benefits.
  • Assets of Qualified Employee's Benefit.

Court's Address

: James A McClure Federal Building & US Courthouse 550 West Fort St RM 400 Boise ID 83724-0042

Court's Phone Number

:Boise (208) 334-1074Coeur d' Alene (208) 664-4925Pocatello (208) 478-4123

Court's Email Address


Court's Hours

: The Clerk's Office is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday, except on legal holidays).

Court Locations

: Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Jerome, Moscow and Pocatello

Jurisdictional Counties

: All counties


:Hon. Jim D. Pappas (U.S. Courthouse)550 West Fort St. Boise, ID 83724(208) 334-9571Hon. Terry L. Myers (Chief Judge, U.S. Courthouse)550 West Fort St. Boise, ID 83724(208) 334-9341


: Cameron S. Burke (Bankruptcy Clerk, U.S. Courthouse)550 W. Fort St. Boise, ID 83724(208) 334-1361Cameron S. Burke (Bankruptcy Clerk, U.S. Courthouse)550 W. Fort St. Boise, ID 83724(208) 334-1361

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