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Colorado Bankruptcy Laws

Key Points

Colorado has opted out of the federal bankruptcy exemptions. This means filing bankruptcy in Colorado would only exempt property that's permissible under the state laws.


Homeowners are exempt for up to 60,000 dollars on their home or other property that falls under the homestead exemption in Colorado.

This homestead exemption can go up to 90,000 dollars in the event that the homeowner, his or her spouse, or dependent is disabled. This would also be applicable when the homeowner is 60 years or older.

Motor Vehicles

You might be exempt up to 5,000 dollars for one or more vehicles.

Those debtors who're elderly or disabled, or an elderly or disabled spouse or dependent of the debtor may be exempt up to 10,000 dollars.


You can be exempt for the greater of 75 percent of disposable earnings.

Apart from this you might also be exempt for up to 30 times the federal or state minimum hourly wage per week.

Pension or Retirement Benefits

The pensions of private employees, IRAs and KEOGHs are exempt only to the extent that wages are exempt.

The benefits from various other employee pension systems are also exempt except for the purpose of child support.

Tools of the Trade

As a debtor you might be exempt for up to 20,000 dollars in terms of trade implants.

Personal Property

The following personal items stand exempt –

  • Clothing up to 1,500 dollars
  • Household goods up to 3,000 dollars
  • Jewelry up to 2,000 dollars
  • Books and family pictures up to 1,500 dollars
  • Health aids that have been professionally prescribed
  • Food and fuel up to 600 dollars
  • Livestock and tools for an aggregate value of 50,000 dollars.

Absolute or Total Exemption

The following are 100 percent exempt as per state laws –

  • Cemetery property that's used or owned by a corporation.
  • Fraternal benefits.
  • Society benefits.
  • Crime victims' compensation.
  • Group life insurance policies and proceeds.
  • Life insurance proceeds.
  • Public assistance.
  • Unemployment compensation.
  • Veterans' benefits.
  • Workers' compensation.

Colorado Bankruptcy Court

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