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About me: Stacy B Miller is the content editor at Oak View Law Group. She writes widely read and informative articles on debt, credit, law, bankruptcy, personal finance, tax, etc. Her articles have been published on various top-notch websites, and she plans to write many more for her readers.

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Contributed on: 12th Oct, 2017

You deserve a treat. Period. You have worked hard throughout the year. January: Made financial resolutions and paid off your holiday debts. February: Saved money for the Valentine’s Da... Read more »

Contributed on: 11th Oct, 2017

Do you want to shift from fulltime to part-time before retiring finally? Are you planning to talk with your boss regarding it? Seems like a good move since many baby boomers prefer phased retirement n... Read more »

Contributed on: 26th Sep, 2017

Don’t have enough money to pay off your credit cards? Lost job or looking for a job? Unable to cover your household expenses? Dude, you’re in a big financial trouble. Let’s us talk about y... Read more »

Contributed on: 21st Sep, 2017

Money management is a Herculean task to me even after reading 100 articles on money saving tips in the last 5 years. No matter how hard I work, how much money I make, it isn’t enough to fulfill my b... Read more »

Contributed on: 19th Sep, 2017

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour” - Victoria Erickson Do you remember your financial goals in 2017? You set them way back in January. With the festi... Read more »

Contributed on: 7th Sep, 2017

What is the secret of becoming a wealthy person? Can you be a rich guy by making a lot of money? Not necessarily. I have met 3 types of people in my life. The first type The first type of p... Read more »

Contributed on: 22nd Aug, 2017

Millennials have financial goals but they don’t have any plan to attain them. 85% of the millennials are sure they will achieve their American Dream but only 49% of them have a plan to fulfill it. ... Read more »

Contributed on: 17th Aug, 2017

“Gender equality is not a woman’s issue. It’s a human issue. It affects us all” Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26 to commemorate the 19th Amendment which granted women the r... Read more »

Contributed on: 1st Aug, 2017

I am back again with yet another post for parents. My last post was on - Final back-to-school financial checklist: Countdown begins. I hope all of you have read and liked it. This post is also on the ... Read more »

Contributed on: 25th Jul, 2017

This post is again dedicated to all the parents. Oh please, don’t think that I have become a parent, and I’m overwhelmed with paternal feelings. It’s just that when I was writing about Is it hig... Read more »