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About me: Stacy B Miller is the content editor at Oak View Law Group. She writes widely read and informative articles on debt, credit, law, bankruptcy, personal finance, tax, etc. Her articles have been published on various top-notch websites, and she plans to write many more for her readers.

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Contributed on: 28th May, 2018

Have you finally decided to pay off your debts and make a fresh financial start? Well, in that case, take these 2 steps right now.Step 1 Calculate how much you oweLook at your credit card statements a... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Apr, 2018

The simple answer is you can check your credit report as many times you want, and this won’t make a negative impact on your credit score. You can check your payment history, credit history, hard inq... Read more »

Contributed on: 2nd Apr, 2018

The festive season begins with Halloween. But many people flinch at the word ‘halloween’ since they fear what’s coming - long bills.This year, try something different. Instead of incurring huge ... Read more »

Contributed on: 27th Mar, 2018

In the post “IRS guidelines to choose a tax preparer”, I have talked about how you can select a good tax preparer for yourself. Usually, a tax preparer charges a fee on the basis of the complexity... Read more »

Contributed on: 26th Mar, 2018

It’s not a matter of joke to achieve financial milestones in your 20s. You need to practice good financial habits and be proactive to attain financial success. Laidback attitude would take you nowhe... Read more »

Contributed on: 15th Mar, 2018

It’s time to meet your tax preparer and file your income tax returns. The tax return preparer can help you file your income tax returns properly and possibly can even help you get a refund. So it’... Read more »

Contributed on: 14th Mar, 2018

When the question is to knock-off debt, there's no harm in trying out every alternate option. You never know - following tips as per your zodiac sign might be the most suitable option for you. Check y... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Mar, 2018

So, you’ve made the most difficult decision of your life - that of filing bankruptcy in an effort to reorganize your finances! Your creditors and debt collectors will no longer call you demanding de... Read more »

Contributed on: 27th Feb, 2018

The IRS loves to get a fair share of the money you earn by hook or crook even if it is only $20. If you find a $10 on the street and take it, you may have to pay tax to the IRS.Love it or hate it, you... Read more »

Contributed on: 23rd Feb, 2018

Grandparents who work and take care of children may qualify for earned income tax credit (EITC). So if you’re working and looking after your grandparents simultaneously, then you could claim these c... Read more »