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About me: Stacy B Miller is the content editor at Oak View Law Group. She writes widely read and informative articles on debt, credit, law, bankruptcy, personal finance, tax, etc. Her articles have been published on various top-notch websites, and she plans to write many more for her readers.

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Contributed on: 4th Jul, 2018

Do you need a spending fast to get rid of debt? Well, Anna Newell Jones says so.Who the hell is this Anna Newell?She is the woman who paid off $18,000 credit card debt in just 15 months with the ‘sp... Read more »

Contributed on: 15th Jun, 2018

Does the topic of money make you nervous? Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about money? Are you worried how to pay off your bills? Do you get a panic attack thinking how to get out o... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Jun, 2018

 “Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.” - Ogden Nash Managing finances while in debt is a difficult job. But, you have no ot... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Jun, 2018

Many people wonder what would be the best debt elimination strategy. Most people strive to find out the secrets of a debt free life. It's easier to spend money for several reasons and on different occ... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Jun, 2018

Does your credit card debt die with you? Does it enter your grave stealthily? Or, does it haunt your family?There is no simple answer to this question since lots of factors can change a scenario.Facto... Read more »

Contributed on: 12th Jun, 2018

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success”- Joyce Brothers Have you ever wondered why so many fail to get out of debt even after giving their best e... Read more »

Contributed on: 11th Jun, 2018

Ever seen that ad which promises to save you from a financial storm through debt settlement program? Well, these ads may fill your heart with a hope for a debt free life but it would be a mistake to b... Read more »

Contributed on: 11th Jun, 2018

Are you struggling with debts? Are you wondering if it will be good to hire an attorney to settle your debts? If so, then don’t hesitate anymore because there are several benefits of working with a ... Read more »

Contributed on: 8th Jun, 2018

Credit card debt consolidation can help you to get rid of your outstanding credit card bills gradually. However, if you plan on seeking help from a professional organization, you should research well ... Read more »

Contributed on: 7th Jun, 2018

Debts can be overwhelming. For this reason, paying off the your bills at the earliest opportunity is always recommended. If you’re unable to manage it yourself, you can try to get debt relief throug... Read more »