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About me: Andy Masaki is a blogger at Penny Less Dad and a financial writer at Oak View Law Group. He is a debt expert and a member of several online forums where he shares his advice and tips to lead a financially independent life.

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Contributed on: 6th Apr, 2021

Student loan debt stands at $1.7 trillion in 2021. About 69% of undergraduates borrowed student loans in 2019 and graduated with an average debt of $30,062. This includes both federal and private stud... Read more »

Contributed on: 29th Oct, 2020

If you have recently lost a loved one, you may have to deal with the probate process. Probate is a legal process of determining whether or not a will made by a deceased person is valid. If the decea... Read more »

Contributed on: 20th Sep, 2020

If you are a military personnel and serving the nation, you have the same rights as any other civilian to file for bankruptcy and urge for protection from intimidating creditors. There are no legal re... Read more »

Contributed on: 17th Sep, 2020

What happens when you stop making payments on your credit cards? Well, if you do so, its effects will become more adverse day by day! Once you are 30 days late, your creditors will contact you via ... Read more »

Contributed on: 8th Sep, 2020

A brief summary of some of the laws administered by the United States Department of Labor (DOL) has been provided below. These laws apply to workers, job seekers, businesses, retirees, contractors and... Read more »

Contributed on: 20th Aug, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in almost every aspect! We are trying utmost to brace ourselves from this deadly virus! Eventually, our priorities have changed. We are bound to change our age... Read more »

Contributed on: 4th Jun, 2020

Do you have unpaid credit card dues? If yes, then you might be getting calls from your credit card company to make the necessary payments asap! Usually, the credit card companies will reach out to y... Read more »

Contributed on: 18th May, 2020

Collection accounts sparkle on your credit report for 7 years and 180 days. They’re one of the worst types of negative listings on your credit report. Recent or new debt collection accounts can drop... Read more »

Contributed on: 30th Apr, 2020

Trusts make an important portion of your estate planning and overall wealth portfolio. The availability of several types of trusts, and their liabilities to become taxable in various ways and form... Read more »

Contributed on: 28th Apr, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge blow to the economic condition across the world. Many people are fearing job losses or pay cuts as they are unable to step out of their houses! And let me tell ... Read more »