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Oak View Law Group (OVLG) is a leading law firm in the US. We are registered with the California state bar association and a Member of California Chamber of Commerce. We are dedicated to alleviate the financial stress of our clients and provide consumer education.

Our experienced Associate and Of Counsel attorneys, located in different states across the US, will help you to deal with the consumer laws.

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Our consumer law practices cover the following:

7 Years of industry experience

Oak View law Group has been serving clients since 2007. In the last 7 years, a large number of clients have expressed their satisfaction with our various services (stay violation protection, company formation, defamation protection, debt relief, credit repair, creation of wills).

There are hundreds of consumer reviews and over 800 success stories to our credit. There are also real life case studies of people who have become debt free with our help. These case studies will give you an idea on how the process works and why people trust OVLG.

How to contact our support department

We offer free consultation 7 days a week (till 9 pm) and would be glad to answer any question that you have. You can call at 800 530 6854 (Toll Free), Chat Live, use call me now or fill up the secured contact form. One of our experienced financial coaches will get back to you.

Our Privacy Policy

We honor our clients’ privacy and ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained with regard to our clients’ identity, financial and other details. Learn More...

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Report collection scam

If someone calls you representing themselves to be from "Oak view law group" and trying to collect money from you they are trying to scam you. Learn more…

Register your complaints with an attorney

At OVLG we work very hard to have satisfied customers. If one of our customers gets unsatisfied due to unforeseeable reasons, we want to take proactive steps to resolve the problems. Learn more...

Money back due to dissatisfaction

We try our best to provide top notch legal services within an affordable fee structure. In case you are not satisfied with our services and want to quit our debt relief program then we will refund your trust account balance and the fees that you paid to OVLG. Learn more...