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Waterfall approach to debt free

The waterfall approach shows suitable debt relief options at different financial situations.

When your financial health is stable, you can repay the bills through budgeting. Otherwise, you can choose debt management or settlement. Remember, bankruptcy is your last option.

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How OVLG helps you with your payday loan debts?

This payday help cycle lets you understand in simple steps how our attorneys and relationship managers assist you with your payday debts.

Debt relief options that help you repay unmanageable bills
Budget and bill payments: This is where you plan a personal budget in order to get a grip on your financial situation. The idea is to increase your monthly savings, so that you can easily pay off your debts. The mode of bill payment depends upon you completely. You can eliminate your high interest debts first and then the low-interest ones, or vice-versa.
Debt management: This program helps you plan a budget and your monthly payments based on your financial status. Here, the professional debt consultant co-ordinates with your creditors to slash your interest rates. This may in turn lower your payments, and help you manage debts proficiently.
Debt settlement: In a debt settlement program, a professional debt arbitrator will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the principal as well as interest, and fix an affordable repayment amount that is acceptable to you and your creditor.
Debt consolidation: When you go for this option, your existing debts are merged into a single low monthly payment which you can easily afford to make. The professional debt consultant will negotiate with your creditors, and help you lower your interest rate, so that you can make one affordable monthly payment.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy: This involves a court monitored restructured payment plan to clear debts over a period of 3-5 years. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor can save his home and other important assets while discharging debts. The debtor can take advantage of attorney services to repay bills by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Chapter 7 bankruptcy: It allows you discharge most of your secured and unsecured debts. Non-exempt assets will be liquidated, and the cash proceeds will be used to pay back the creditors. However, you may not qualify for Chapter 7, if you earn more than the average state median income. Experienced attorneys can guide you at every step of Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.