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Home » Debt Relief » Debt Consolidation Overview

Debt consolidation - Easy way to manage your multiple debts legally

Multiple bills can turn out to be a great cause of anxiety as they are difficult to keep track of. Missed or irregular payments consequently raises the debt amount, thereby making your debts all the more unmanageable. Consolidation can be a great help to you if you're facing similar situations.

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How debt consolidation can help?

Consolidation usually brings your multiple unsecured debts together and arranges an affordable payment plan to eliminate them gradually. It helps to make the debts more manageable and makes repayment easy.

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Benefits of consolidation

The following benefits associated with consolidation makes it a much preferred debt relief option:

  1. Combines your multiple debts into one
  2. Brings down interest rates on credit card debts
  3. Reduces your monthly payments
  4. May eliminate the late fees and extra charges
  5. Offers freedom from further legal hassles or complications
  6. Can put an end to the harassing creditor calls
  7. Can help you to avoid bankruptcy
  8. Improves your credit score with time as all your debts get paid off

How consolidation can protect you from the creditor harassments?

After you enroll with a debt consolidation program, the consolidation company handling your accounts will deal with your creditors and collection agencies directly. If your creditors still contact you, you can refer them to the consolidation company.

As for the consolidation loans and balance transfer credit cards, the creditors will stop contacting you since all your past dues will be paid off. You'll just need to continue with the regular payments on the new loan or the credit card.

How you can consolidate your debts?

Well, consolidating your multiple bills can be done in 3 ways. You can choose the one which suits you best.

  1. Debt Consolidation Program – A professional organization offers consolidation services through a program. Once you enroll into one, the financial experts associated with the company analyze your financial condition and start dealing with your multiple creditors. After effective negotiation with the creditors, they then set up an affordable repayment plan for you. You continue with the regular payments and your debts get paid off after a certain time period.
  2. Debt Consolidation Loan – You take out a secured or unsecured loan on your own, with low interest rate but with a larger loan amount. You can use up the amount to pay off all your existing unsecured debts, and then start making single monthly payments on the new loan. Low interest rates will result in affordable payments and over time, you can be free from debts when your new loan gets paid off.
  3. Credit Card Balance Transfer – This option only works for your credit card debts. You can opt for a low-interest credit card, and transfer all the balances from your existing high-interest credit cards into the new card. This way you can get rid of your multiple credit bills and gradually pay off the single credit card debt with reduced payments.

What can be the eligibility criteria if you want to consolidate?

No specific eligibility criteria is followed for consolidation.

  • In case of consolidation program, the eligibility criteria will depend on the company offering you the service.
  • In case of the consolidation loans, the eligibility would depend on the creditor or company offering you the loan. A secured loan would require you to place a collateral against which you can borrow. An unsecured loan would necessitate you to have a decent credit score at any rate and the creditor would only allow you the loan after ensuring that you'll be able to pay it off.
  • In case of a balance transfer credit card, the eligibility criteria will be set by the creditor only. However, you would need to have a stable income so that you can continue with the regular payments.
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PV's Feedback: Scott did an excellent job helping me with my latest requests. made it easy to get things set up and ready to go. Does a great job when it comes to the creditors as well.
Suggestion: i find it to be good the way it si right now.

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SM's Feedback: Your Company needs to be consistent with the work that is being done for our debt programs, doing followup work , returning calls, sending appropriate letters that the companies are asking for, negotiate on debts etc. After all we are the ones hiring you to do a job for us! And I speak for all!
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JB's Feedback: I really been pleased throughout the whole process,and experience with your company.And really think Thomas has done a excellant job working with me,sincerly Thanks Jackie Baltimore.

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CC's Feedback: Sebastian is a very hard worker and once i respond with an issue, he immediately takes care of the situation. Thanks for easing my mind from credit woes.


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