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Debt relief programs: Get legal assistance in repaying your bills

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Too much debt can be damaging to your financial condition. If you can see your debts spinning out of control, you're the person who needs to take up initiative and get rid of them as soon as possible. In case you find it difficult to manage multiple bills on your own, you can always seek help from professional debt relief companies and regain your peace of mind.

Table of contents

What are the available debt relief options?

It's not necessary that only an agency can show you the right exit out of your debts. You can do it on your own too. However, before you start to find your way out, you need to know how it can be done in a legal way, so as to avoid complications. Check out the following options to know how you can get rid of your ever-growing debt burden comfortably:

  1. Budgeting and bill payment - Planning your finances with the help of a budget can help you to reduce your expenses and save. The more you save, the more comfortably you'll be able to pay for your bills and debts. With increased savings, you might even be able to pay more than the minimum on your debt accounts. This will not only help you to save on the interests but also enable you to get rid of your debts sooner.
  2. Debt management - Debt management plans (DMP) might work for you when simple budgeting fails to offer you the much-needed debt relief. After through assessment of your financial condition and debts, the company offering you debt relief services might be able to lower your debt payments with effective interest rate negotiation.
  3. Debt consolidation - Keeping track of numerous bills can be troublesome, and consolidation can help you if you face similar situations. Whether you do it by yourself or enroll with a company, this option can help you to merge your multiple high interest debt accounts into one. That way, your debt repayments will turn easy as you'll benefit from single affordable monthly payments.
  4. Debt settlement - This option can offer you debt relief assistance, if you're unable to repay back your debts in full. It can bring significant reduction to debt amount with the help of negotiation, so that you can get out of debts by paying much less than what you owe your creditors.
  5. Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy can give you the much needed fresh financial start, but should be your final option since it hits credit score to a great extent. A successful bankruptcy filing can let you discharge most of your non-exempt unsecured debts or arrange a repayment plan to pay off your creditors over time.

How can you know which option will suit you?

A thorough financial analysis can let you know about your own financial situation and affordability. Thereafter, you can plan your savings and the repayment of your debts so that it doesn't strain you. Each of the available debt relief options has separate effects on a consumer's finances, credit score and taxes. Your financial condition will determine which debt relief program will suit you. Before you decide to go along with one, you need to compare them to find out which can help you save the most.

How debt relief companies can help you?

Debt relief companies can offer you a lot of benefits as pointed out below:

  1. Can analyze your finances and help you pick the right debt solution
  2. Can offer you guidance and tips to stay in control over money matters
  3. Can do better negotiation with creditors on your behalf
  4. Can offer you legal assistance along the way
  5. Can handle your collection calls so that you can avoid creditor harassments
  6. Can remind you about timely payments to avoid defaults
  7. Can help you to improve your credit score
  8. Can reduce your stress

How OVLG can relieve you from your debt loads?

Financial conditions vary from person to person.

OVLG has formulated the unique Waterfall Approach to debt free keeping that in mind. This approach can help you to get fast debt relief by

  1. Choosing the best debt solution after detailed financial analysis, and
  2. Switching you to the next best debt relief option, if your present repayment plan fails to work.

What are the types of debt OVLG deals with?

We, at Oak View Law Group (OVLG), offer you free financial analysis and can guide you towards the debt free path once you enroll with us. We can help you resolve your unsecured debts which have no collateral attached to them. Below you'll find the type of debts OVLG can help you with:

Check out the step-by-step guide of OVLG debt relief process to find out how we can guide you in the right direction.

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In an effort to better our services, we conduct an ongoing survey. Check out the survey results and see what the existing and past clients have to say about us:

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*Client names have been changed to protect privacy
**Represented feedbacks have been randomly selected from clients who took part in survey organized by OVLG
By Client CW*
profile pic Financial Coach:Sara Perez
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Neil Anderson
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:TelephoneOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
CW's Feedback: Neil did a great job contacting and settling 6 of my 7 accounts. He was even able to lower my amount of debt by a decent amount.

By Client BM*
profile pic Financial Coach:BG
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Pierson Silver
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:TelephoneOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
BM's Feedback: Your firm is easy to talk. Their concern is evident in the way they talk to you and address your concerns immediately.
Suggestion: I am very satisfied with the ability to make contact and have concerns taken care of in a timely matter.

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profile pic Financial Coach:Michael Grayson
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Simon Green
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:EmailOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
LB's Feedback: Simon communicates very well with me. He answers all my questions.
Suggestion: none

By Client LS*
profile pic Financial Coach:Austin Butler
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Sebastian Garcia
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:TelephoneOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
LS's Feedback: Sebastian Garcia has been very helpful in getting my pay day loan people to talk to him. He is very pleasant and helpful to me at all times.


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