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Debt Management: Reduce interest rates and monthly payments legally

Many think debt management to be a typical debt relief process which only involves budgeting. That however is not true. Interest rate negotiation is one of the most important feature of a debt management program or plan (DMP), which can help you a lot if you want to put an end to your ever-growing debt burden.

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When can you opt for debt management services?

You can choose to get debt management help from professional companies if you're facing one or more of the following situations:

  1. You have multiple high interest debts
  2. You're facing difficulties in managing your monthly bills
  3. You've already opted for self debt repayment but failed
  4. You want to get rid of the harassing collection calls
  5. You might be thinking of filing bankruptcy

Which debts are eligible for a DMP?

Unsecured debts like credit card bills, medical bills, student loans, payday loans, tax debt, department store cards, personal loans, and unsecured lines of credit can be paid off with a debt management plan. Check out the types of debt OVLG works on.

What are the steps involved in a debt management plan?

Debt management plans are custom-made repayment plans which helps a particular debtor to regain control over his finances and helps him to pay off his debts over a stipulated time period. The best debt management programs usually involve the following steps:

  1. Initial financial counseling - A thorough analysis of your income, expenses, savings and total debt amount can reveal the reason behind the financial difficulties you're facing. The free evaluation can also help you to find out about the fixed amount that you can realistically afford to pay each month, and accordingly determine if a DMP is right for you.
  2. Negotiation with creditors - Once you agree to enroll in a DMP, the representative of the company/agency starts negotiating with your single or multiple creditors. The negotiation usually results in lower interest rates.
  3. Setting up of payment plan - The financial experts then formulate a payment plan keeping your affordability in mind as well as the creditors' requirements. After both the creditor and debtor agrees to the payment plan, the plan gets finalized.
  4. Regular payments - You then start making regular payments to the company offering you debt management services. The company or agency consequently forwards your payments to your respective creditors. Regular payments are very important for debt management programs, and ensure that you enjoy the benefits that the creditors have agreed to, after negotiation.
  5. Repayment of debt accounts over a time-period - If everything goes as planned, you'll be able to get rid of your debts within a stipulated time period, as had been specified in your payment plan.

What are benefits offered by a debt management program?

Check out the benefits of DMP before you choose your own plan to get rid of the credit card dues or other forms of unsecured debts:

  1. The debt payments can be lowered
  2. Interest and other penalties can be reduced or eliminated.
  3. Multiple payments in a month can be replaced with a single payment
  4. Individual credit score improves with time
  5. Debts can be paid off faster as interest rates get reduced
  6. Bankruptcy filing and its consequent financial impact can be avoided
  7. Can put an end to your financial crisis and stress as you'll get professional guidance
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Uniform Debt Management Services Act

The Uniform Debt Management Services Act was introduced in July 2005, by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL). It was enacted as the first nationalized attempt to collaborate and regulate debt relief services. Inception of the UDMSA Consumer debt relief services have been available to consumers since the 1950s. There were two broad kinds of services available to the debtors. They promised to relieve debt-stricken consumers of their huge debt loads easi... Read more »
Date: 03:42 am 18th Jun, 2013
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Glossary of Common Debt Management Terms

Agreement: An written understanding between the client and the debt management provider. It principally concerns the debt management company's terms of business. Amortization: The gradual repaying of a debt in partial payments rather than in single payment. Annual Review: The full evaluation of the client's current financial situation on the anniversary of their commencing a Debt Management Plan or the anniversary of their last full review. Arbitration: A method of alternativ... Read more »
Date: 03:39 am 18th Jun, 2013
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Frequently asked questions about Debt Management

1. Is Debt management suitable for everyone? No, a debt management plan is not suitable for all. It is usually unsuitable if you have very low surplus income after paying off your basic necessities. 2. How will I know that my creditors are being paid? Your creditors will send you a statement mentioning the exact payments to each creditor. The statement clarifies your doubts regarding the interest and payments due on your account. 3. Can I alter payment plans if my circumstances cha... Read more »
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What should you check while choosing debt management company

Debt management can be an effective way to pay off your debts. However, before enrolling into a debt management program, you need to ensure that you’re placing your trust and your finances in the right hands. Questions to be asked before enrolling in a DMP You always want to go for the best debt management program in the hope of getting out of debt soon. But, how to choose a good company that offers professional debt management services. What if the company you were working with shuts... Read more »
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Debt Management Plan – How can it put your finances in shape

Debts can be overwhelming. For this reason, paying off the your bills at the earliest opportunity is always recommended. If you’re unable to manage it yourself, you can try to get debt relief through a debt management plan (DMP). What is a DMP? A debt management plan or program (DMP) is a typical debt relief program where something more than simple budgeting is done to resolve your debts. Usually, the services of a debt management company include initial financial counseling and negot... Read more »
Date: 01:38 am 18th Jun, 2013
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By Client SG*
profile pic Financial Coach:Michael Grayson
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Matthew Harris
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:EmailOverall Satisfaction Level:Satisfied
SG's Feedback: I was able to pay off at least 3 of my creditors. I was also able to refinance one on my own. I ended up only paying $839 when the three debts were over $1200. I
Suggestion: There is nothing to change.

By Client HS*
profile pic Financial Coach:Robin Nelson
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Ruth Roberts
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:Live ChatOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
HS's Feedback: Your firm helped me become debt free! Robin Nelson explained your program in detail and Ruth Roberts executed my specific plan by contacting and negotiating with my online payday loan providers. Both were very helpful and very accessible. Thanks again.
Suggestion: None

By Client JC*
profile pic Financial Coach:Sara Perez
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Sebastian Garcia
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:EmailOverall Satisfaction Level:Very Satisfied
JC's Feedback: Sebastian and Sara were VERY helpful and attentive. I just hope to finish this debt soon. Thanks so much guys - you're GREAT! Much appreciated!

By Client FL*
profile pic Financial Coach:Robin Nelson
Rated by client: 
Client Relationship Manager:Nita Baker
Rated by client: 
Preferred Contact Medium:TelephoneOverall Satisfaction Level:Dissatisfied
FL's Feedback: hard to contact my CRM with phone
Suggestion: may be contact by e-mail to My CRM .


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