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Staying debt free: 21 tips for a secured financial life

Debt is one of the most dreaded terms on the planet. It's something that usually comes in with a lot of stress and harassments. Given a choice, anyone would opt for a debt free life, especially if they have ever experienced the debt burden themselves. Yet somehow, emergency situations, unavoidable requirements or momentary impulses may catch you unaware and push you towards debt. Find out how you can avoid such situations, and even if you land up in one, what you can do to become debt free as soon as possible.

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How to ensure debt free life for yourself?

You may need to put in some extra efforts, but maintaining a life without debts isn't too difficult. Simple practices, patience and precaution can help you to avoid debts, even when you face emergency situations. Find out the traits that usually help a person to stay away from debts. Develop those traits in yourself so that you can also enjoy a debt free life.

  1. Organize your finances - Keeping track of each and every expense makes complete sense in your daily life. In spite of having ample financial resource, an organized person would never fail to keep track of his finances and thus, always be able to stay in control.
  2. Learn to live stress-free - Debts bring in unnecessary stress on financial and personal lives. If you want a peaceful life for yourself, you would chose to stay away from debts, even if you face extremely tempting situations.
  3. Try to use cash as much as possible - Cash purchases can help an individual to avoid impulsive buying as well as the exorbitant credit card bills.
  4. Set goals for yourself - Financial goals can motivate a person to save more. The more you save, the healthier your finances are going to be. Savings can help an individual to tackle financial crisis in a better way and help him to be debt free.

21 Simple tips to enjoy debt free living

If you're already stressed out with your multiple bills and outstanding dues, you might be searching ways to get rid of them as soon as possible. This 21 Simple debt free tips can show you the way out of your overwhelming debt burden. Check out the following tips if you want a debt-free life for yourself and see if you can put them to use.

  1. Plan your plastic card use: Carrying your credit cards all the time increases the chance of incurring debt. If you leave your cards at home, you can avoid making unnecessary and impulsive purchases, since you'll need to dole out cash from your wallet.
  2. Draw up a monthly budget: No one can deny the benefits of budgeting, when it comes to savings. A well planned budget can result in effective money management, which is one of the initial steps to be taken if you want to be debt free.
  3. Save for the emergencies: You may not foresee specific emergency situations, but you can evidently save up some surplus money to cope with them. Emergency funds can ensure that you can avoid new debts when you face a financial crisis.
  4. Practice self control: Well, this is something you must already know. Impulsive shopping, splurges on luxury items, brand-obsessions etc. can be deadly for your finances. Cut down those unnecessary expenses and you'll see a prominent reduction to your ever-growing debts.
  5. Prioritize your requirements: Make a list of all the essential items that you can't do without. From the next time onwards, prioritize your expenses accordingly, so that you can avoid spending on items you hardly ever need.

Debt-free living is an art in itself. If you're already facing financial trouble, you can put the above-mentioned traits and tips to good use, and get rid of your debt burdens.

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KD's Feedback: phillip was excellant on walking me through every step, stayed on the phone as i logged in everything online, i am very satisfied with everything so far, i have been through debt cons many yrs ago & be patient everyone it takes time but i am confident it will all work out , michelle has given me calls for follow-ups so i like that tour not just a #
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