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Wisconsin Bankruptcy

Exemption Court
Wisconsin Bankruptcy Exemption
The principle place of residence of the debtor including condominium, mobile home, house trailer or cooperative up to the extent of $ 40,000.

Professional tools:
Equipment, inventory, farm products and professional books used in business of debtor or dependent exempted up to the extent of $ 7,500.

Household goods:
Household goods and furniture, wearing apparels, keepsakes, jewelry, musical instruments, books, fire arms any personal property held primarily for the debtor himself/herself or any dependent up to the extent of $ 5,000.

Life insurance:
Debtor's aggregate interest in accrued dividends, loan value on unmatured life insurance contracts owned by the debtor and insuring the debtor or his/her dependent up to the extent of $ 150,000.

Motor vehicle up to the extent of $ 1,200.

The greater among 75% or 30 times the federal minimum wage.

Personal depository accounts:
Personal depository accounts except business accounts are exempted up to the extent of $ 1,000.

Life insurance, personal injury or wrongful death claims are exempted up the extent of 100% but up the limit of $ 25,000 for certain personal injury claims.

Total or Absolute Exemptions for:
  • Federal disability insurance benefits.
  • Fire and casualty insurance proceeds on exempt property for two years after exempt receipt.
  • Unmatured life insurance contracts except credit life insurance.
  • War pensions.
  • Tuition units.
  • College saving accounts.
  • Public employee's retirement benefits.
  • Social services benefits.
  • Fraternity benefits society benefits.
  • Crime victim's awards.
  • Public employee's trust fund.
  • Veteran's benefit.
  • Unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Specific partnership benefits.
  • City employee's retirement benefits.
  • Tenant's interest in Housing Corporation.

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