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Client TC3 from MO saved $4,249.80

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $8,194.00
Creditor Enrolled: 8
Debt Processed: $9,516.47
Debt Settled: $4,516.71
Total Saved: $4,249.80
Enrollment Date: 08 Dec, 2015
Type of Debt: Online Payday Loan
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:
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Details of few savings

Saved $69.82 with Net Credit

How OVLG handled the situation?

tc3 approached Oak View Law Group in December of 2015 and got himself enrolled in Debt Settlement Program. His financial coach Ron Clark, helped him enroll after providing him with various other options like Debt Management, Bankruptcy etc. tc3 was finally happy with Debt Settlement and decided to opt for it. He started making his monthly payments towards his trust account in order to build up funds to pay off the payday loans he had.

Steve Lewis, his Relationship Manager, has been taking care of the file very diligently. Till now OVLG has settled 2 accounts out of the 4 accounts that were enrolled.

tc3 is really happy with all that OVLG and Steve has done to get his finances back on track and has shared his experience in this video.

Video Transcription

Hey this is TC3, just wanted to give a shout out to Oak View law group and Steve Lewis for doing a wonderful job and helping me out. I really appreciate all the help guys, thanks so much.

* 1. Client names have been changed to protect privacy.
2. Out of the many cases we handle, the above are few sample instances only. These depict how much we have saved from each creditor after deducting the settlement fees.
3. Please note that the negotiation amount is neither constant nor predictable. It depends on the creditors completely.
4. Out of the total 18466 clients managed by OVLG till date, cases of 820 clients aren't complete yet. 13167 clients have dropped out of the program. We're working with 2379 clients currently. We have also helped 2100 clients successfully.
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