Client Situation

Initial payment: $354
Reduced payment: $182.29
APR reduced: 10.45%
Type of Debt: Not Specified
Reviewed on:
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:

Details of few savings

APR reduced with Initial monthly payment Reduced monthly payment APR reduced
Capital one $128.00 $43.45 14.90%
Capital one $27.00 $16.66 14.90%
HouseHold Bank (HSBC) $80.00 $58.61 6.00%
Best Buy {HRS} $119.00 $63.57 6.00%

How OVLG handled the situation?

WG enrolled under our debt management program in November 2012. One of our counseling managers Vernon Smith gave him a free consultation. Vernon reviewed all his options and suggested him to enroll in our Debt Management program. WG added 6 creditors with a balance of $1,31,171.20 in our program.

After the first payment the file was assigned to Oscar Sanchez and he started sending the proposals to the creditors. Oscar succeeded to get approvals from four of his creditors. He was paying an APR of 24.24% on his Best Buy account. Oscar has reduced it down to 6%. He has two Capital One accounts and the client was paying an APR of 18.9% and 16.9% which are reduced down to 14.90%. He also has a HSBC account where he was paying an APR of 19.9% but it is reduced down to 6%. Client is very happy to see that he is saving almost $170 each month from these 4 accounts. WG is happy with the way this program has started for him and expects to get some similar good results.

Video Transcription

Ok! My name is ******. I am gonna tell you about my experience with Oak View Law Group and their consolidation of my credit card debt. So I contacted Oak View Law Group sometime prior to Christmas of 2012. I contacted Oak View Law Group after a Google search for reputable companies when it came to credit consolidation. I had about $13,000 or may be $14,000 spread out about 5 or 6 credit cards that totaled all of the debt that I submitted to Oak View Law Group. The process can be a little concerning at first because there seems to be a lot of companies like Oak View that don't have reputation they do. Thankfully I can say that I have had nothing but wonderful service so far, nothing but a positive experience. After submitting the initial payments and my credit card information to oak View Law Group, I did have to wait for about 2 months, It took about 2 months to finally get you know my first callback but after that 2 months I got a call and basically I think 6 credit cards I submitted, 4 of them had been resolved by Oak View Law Group. I was put on a payment plan that was probably somewhere in the realm of 30-40 % less than what I pay in a month and the great thing about all was even with Oak View Law group's fee and the credit card payments I had to make everything was not only cheaper but would be paid off in a shorter manner of time I'm sure than it would have been with my previous experience. So Oscar was my service repp can't thank Oscar enough. He has made everything very easy and I appreciate the phenomenal communication between him and I. So just to wrap it up Oak View Law group I can't say anything better about them, they are so far a wonderful company and in my short experience with them I have been very pleased and I have the feeling that you decide to reach out to them you will be pleased too.

* 1. Client names have been changed to protect privacy.
2. Out of the many cases we handle, the above are few sample instances only. These depict how much we have saved from each creditor after deducting the settlement fees.
3. Please note that the negotiation amount is neither constant nor predictable. It depends on the creditors completely.
4. Out of the total 18466 clients managed by OVLG till date, cases of 820 clients aren't complete yet. 13167 clients have dropped out of the program. We're working with 2379 clients currently. We have also helped 2100 clients successfully.
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