Client Situation

Enrollment Date: 11 Jun, 2018
Debt enrolled: $9757.25
Creditor enrolled: 10
Debt processed: $6326.42
Debt settled: $3106.94
Total saved: $2736.56
Type of Debt: Not Specified
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:
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Details of few savings

Saved $326.79 with Capital One

How OVLG handled the situation?

RW1 is one of the most satisfied clients of Oak View Law Group. She had some payday loans and credit card debts and wasn't able to pay them off herself. She tried everything in her control to resolve the issues but failed. RW1 started looking for options on the internet and she came to know about Debt Consolidation program. Initially, she wasn't sure about the program as it was completely new to her. She spoke with Mr. Charles Johnson at Oak View Law Group for the first time. Charles explained her the entire process over the phone and gave her options to choose from. RW1 decided to give it a try by getting herself enrolled in the program. She added 9 different creditors with a total outstanding debt of $7000.

After enrollment, her file got transferred to Harry Miller. Harry started working with her creditors immediately and within 5 months, he has settled 5 of her creditors. RW is very much happy with the performance of Harry as the calls from her creditors has stopped completely which has given her mental peace. She also can see her debt is being paid off very quickly. RW1 has also saved a lot of money as Harry has settled 5 of her creditors in very low percentages. RW is optimistic that within the next few months, she will be completely debt free. Since she's very much satisfied, she decided to give a reward to Oak View Law Group and Harry Miller with a video testimonial as she wants to refer Oak View Law Group to everyone whoever is in debt.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is RW1, I just want to make this quick video to say how much I appreciate OAK VIEW LAW group and especially Harry Miller. He's been my CRA through this whole process. I started back in June so it's been about five months since I've been in the program. I've only got four more credit cards left to go. I had four payday loans that I had, I had seven or eight credit cards I think and we're down to the last four. So I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Harry who like I said was my CRA and just working hard and he's been super, straightforward, and honest and emails me back right away and I live in Michigan so there's a three-hour time difference between me and California and I'll message him, I'll email him at 8 o'clock my time and boom! I'll get a reply and second. So this man I don't know if he doesn't sleep or what but I appreciate him and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me through this and I'm so less stressed now and now. I can just focus on my schooling and work hard to get my credit score back up to where I want it to be and hopefully buy a house in the future, thank you

* 1. Client names have been changed to protect privacy.
2. Out of the many cases we handle, the above are few sample instances only. These depict how much we have saved from each creditor after deducting the settlement fees.
3. Please note that the negotiation amount is neither constant nor predictable. It depends on the creditors completely.
4. Out of the total 18466 clients managed by OVLG till date, cases of 820 clients aren't complete yet. 13167 clients have dropped out of the program. We're working with 2379 clients currently. We have also helped 2100 clients successfully.
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