My father told me some Payday Loan shark threatened and harassed him for over 30 minutes today (Come on people he just retired and can't relax for 2 seconds- lol). He said his name was Inspector Don Mark and they were going to send the police to his door and all these horrible things. If anyone has any insight on when or if Payday loans ever go away or how to make them stop- I would truly appreciated it! (By the way the payday loan is mine and I took out a few Payday loans over 8 years ago- not sure why there even talking to my father in the first place-hmmm..)
Also we live in Illinois

Don Marks (217)641-2512
Thanks a million!

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Hi Megan! To me it feels that they are just trying to scam you out by harassing you repeatedly and that's why they have started with an aged person. Harassing the debtor while collecting on a debt is against the FDCPA and you can sue them for that. And if it's now around 8 years, the debt has perhaps passed the SOL period and they can't sue you to recover that. And trust me, you cannot be arrested for not paying back a debt. At least not in America.
Just gather some information about the caller and some evidence (record the call) and immediately report it with the following institutions:
Consumer Complaints (Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

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